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10 Ways to Stop Writer’s Block

Why should writers have writer’s blocks? Do plumbers have plumber’s block? Do accountants have accountant’s block? 

A block is simply a failure of process. A plumber lines up his pipes and couplings and begins to work. And an accountant takes her spreadsheets out and begins to analyze them.

Ways to Stop Writer’s Block

In the case of a writer, it is a failure of a writerly process or a professional approach to one’s work that gets dignified with the name of “writer’s block”. 

I’m not one to give much credence to “writer’s block.” 

I’ll grant that there are times when the “muse” seems to be absent and has wandered off someplace else, but you can draw the muse back by strategic inducements. 

In this video, I offer 10 viable solutions to tackle your “blocks” and come back to your writing more solid than when you left. These processes really work.

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~ Writing When You Don’t Feel Like Writing   

~ No Waffling: Commit To Your Memoir.  

~ Allow Your Memoir to Mature.                

~ Long Form Is Like Running A Marathon.

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In conclusion to “10 Ways to Stop Writer’s Block”

And remember: “Inch by inch, it’s a cinch; yard by yard, it’s hard.”


Good luck writing your stories!

Keep writing. Your memoir is important.



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