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Business Memoir Editor Denis Ledoux

Denis Ledoux

Founder, Editor-in-Chief Business Memoir Editor

Denis Ledoux is the founder, director, and editor-in-chief of The Memoir Network with its full range of memoir-writing help. He developed the Turning Memories® Workshops, and grounding himself in that experience, wrote the classic Turning Memories Into Memoirs / A Handbook for Writing Lifestories. He serves as the business memoir editor-in-chief.

He has worked with thousands of first-time, only-time and experienced writers through his workshops, as a writing editor, coach, and ghostwriter. He especially enjoys the challenges of working with writers of all levels of accomplishment to craft insightful and well-written memoir out of personal and family stories.

Denis holds a master’s degree in education and, in another life, taught English, creative writing, French, and Latin at both the high school and university levels.

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He was twice chosen for a Maine Individual Writing Fellowship and his collection of short stories, Mountain Dance, was selected for a Maine Fiction Award.

Denis brings to your memoir his experience of running a small business for three decades

Denis Ledoux lives and works a s a business memoir editor in his native Maine.

TMN editorFrancie King

Associate Editor

Francie King is a writer, editor, and proofreader with a passion for writing profiles, memoirs, and personal biographies. Along with writing or editing more than two dozen books, she has published work for museums and universities, news organizations, magazines, and government publications. Among her own favorite recent projects are the life story of a Chinese immigrant family, the account (ultimately tragic) of an American family in World War II, and a rags-to-riches memoir of a chief executive of a major American company. For Francie, editing and proofreading require a clear eye for both big picture and small detail, along with devotion to maintaining a client’s own voice. Francie lives and works in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

To read a sample of Francie’s writing, click here.

Steve Hrehovcik

Associate Editorbusiness memoir editor 3

Steve Hrehovcik’s recent memoir, Rebel Without A Clue /A Way-Off Broadway Memoir, chronicles his dream of pursuing a career in the theater.

Steve enjoys working in wildly divergent genres. His successful writing projects have ranged from editing the memoir of a woman who had to overcome the long-held bias against women in the workplace and educational institutions to a book providing helpful tips and techniques for success in business—and much more. He is currently ghostwriting the memoir of a Haitian-American doctor for the Memoir Network.

“So many people dream of producing a memoir, but they don’t know how to get going.  As an editor and / or coach, I look for ways to create an effective launch and to make a story vivid and meaningful. Often writers do not notice the thread that weaves through their lifestories and so they are unable to organize an effective structure for the manuscript. Writing my own story, Rebel Without A Clue / A Way-Off Broadway Memoir, provided me with a foundation to guide people to write their story with passion and clarity.”Steve Hrehovick

A versatile and accomplished writer, Steve has written more than 750 features for newspapers, magazines and trade publicationsfrom personal profiles, historical accounts and vacation highlights, to art exhibit openings and theater reviews. His writing credits also include movie, stage and television scripts, business reports, advertising and public relations pieces.

Steve Hrehovcik did a great job. He helped me putting humor into the story and that made a great difference in the final product.

—Milliardaire Syverain, Out of Quisqueya: From Trials to Triumphs in America

Steve lives with his wife Carol in Kennebunk, Maine. They are the parents of three grown children.

To read a sample of Steve’s work, click here.


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