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The Memoir Professional’s Speaker’s Manual

The Speaker’s Manual teaches you how to attract clients easily!

Having spoken to groups ranging from a thousand people in a large hall to a handful of people gathered in a library meeting room, Denis Ledoux has used his speaking skills to attract clients to The Memoir Network, his memoir business.

While I have always sold books at speaking engagement—selling $29,000 in books one weekend (I thought I was in heaven!)—my real goal in public speaking is to publicize the Memoir Network and attract long-term clients to its programs and services. Public speaking is an opportunity to ‘strut your wares.’ Clients get to see what you are about. ‘I just wanted to check you out,’ they say before hiring you.

— Denis Ledoux

What you will find in the Speaker’s Manual.

With the Speaker’s Manual, you can launch a campaign that will fill your workshops and your coaching, editing and ghostwriting schedules. Using its wise suggestions, you may even come to really enjoy speaking to a curious and welcoming audience.

Here are some key features of the Speaker’s Manual:

The Memoir Writing Series

Wish you had just-in-time learning? You’ve got it here.

memoir writing series

This is where Memoir Network Writing Book Series will be so useful to you—especially if:

  • You don’t want an A-to-Z book on memoir writing.
  • You are not looking for an encyclopedic treatment of writing.
  • You are looking for a specific solution to a specific problem

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  • how to improve your skills.
  • where to find speaking venues and how to organize a speaking tour.
  • “best practices” for working with your sponsoring venue.
  • a timetable of tasks necessary for delivering your best program.
  • office forms to facilitate record keeping.
  • templates of presentations and hand outs.

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If you wish to purchase the Speaker’s Manual as a stand alone, click here.