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The Memoir Professional’s Speaker’s Manual


The Memoir Professional’s Speaker’s Manual contains detailed instruction on finding engagements, preparing for an effective present, working with venues for broad promotion, and handling sales opportunities that will maximize your profits.

Public speaking—whether at a library or on a podcast—is your major go-to source for increasing your income as a memoir professional.

This manual is also part of the Memoir Professional Package. If you now prefer to purchase the entire package, click here.)


The Memoir Professional’s Speaker’s Manual

  • Where do I find speaking opportunities?
  • How do I promote them so people will come?
  • How do I turn the speaking engagement into a dynamic marketing opportunity?
  • How do I best gather signatures for my mailing list so everyone signs up?
  • What if no one has any questions? What do I do to stimulate perceptive questions for the Q/A period?
  • Is there something I can do later to build on this speaking experience?

The Memoir Professional’s Speaker’s Manual will answer these questions and more.

Written by Denis Ledoux, The Memoir Professional’s Speaker’s Manual contains much practical advice to take the worry and nervousness out of public speaking.

The manual contains detailed instruction on setting the room up, working with the venue for maximum publicity and attendance, promoting your upcoming programs, and enhancing back-of-the-room sales to maximize your profits, and much more.

The speaking engagement is perhaps the single best way to launch or re-invigorate your memoir work. If you do not present lectures, you are not making use of a very critical tool and are hindering your growth and your finances. The Memoir Professional’s Speaker’s Manual will help you to make your speaking a critical success—but it will do more than that: it will make public speaking into one of your premier marketing opportunities. Soon, you may have more clients than you can handle—a wonderful challenge for any business.

Whether you’ve never spoken in public or are a veteran at dazzling audiences, you’ll find something The Memoir Professional’s Speaker’s Manual to expand your skills and lead you to greater profitability.

The Memoir Professional’s Speaker’s Manual also contains the forms, sample letters, and press releases that you can use to jumpstart your memoir work. These are available on the web at a special URL for you to adapt to your own uses.

This is a unique resource for writers and teachers who wish to expand their outreach in order to grow their writing business.


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