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Why delay?

Write A Business Memoir.

You have had an interesting life that deserves a written legacy, and you would like—actually feel the need—to write a business memoir as a record of your experience.

Your hope is not to produce a how-to book although you can see that a reader would find inspiration and ideas for emulating your success. No, you are planning to leave a witness to your life, not so much to flaunt all you have accomplished but to share your experience with the world in a business memoir.write a business memoir

You want to write a business memoir that will:

  • mentor young people.
  • help older readers to reflect on their own experience.
  • celebrate all the wonderful people who helped you through your life’s journey.
  • create order in your own thinking about the trajectory you have taken.
  • serve to launch you into a new phase of your life—whether personal or business.

You can write a book just as these business persons did.

 Sylvester Myers grew up poor in West Virginia, and rising professionally through various business ranks, taught himself much about running a profitable business. He eventually owned a multi-million dollar construction business. From Coal Fields to Oil Fields is a captivating, inspiring business memoir of his transformation.

Myers The Memoir Network

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Robert Verreault always wanted to be a businessman, and after returning from military duty in WW2 that took him in Iwo Jima, he built a machine shop that grew into a substantial company, earning him a Maine Small Businessman of the Year Award in 1982 and afforded him and his family a comfortable lifestyle that far exceeded his youthful dreams. Business Boy to Business Man will fascinate you from first to last page as Verreault narrates his struggles and successes.


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Josephine Stone went from being a single mom, waitressing in a small town, to owning write a business memoirtwo landmark restaurants and multiple apartment buildings. She became a wealthy woman in the process. The Legend of Barjo Restaurant portrays as story of hardship and courage that ultimately brings home the prize.


Can we help you write a business memoir?

We absolutely can help you get your business memoir written!

We have helped hundreds of writers to produce memoirs they are proud to call their own and we can help you too.  don't feel like writing

You get to choose among the many ways we can help you create your book.

  • coaching to mentor you through the writing process.
  • editing to tweak and polish an existing manuscript.
  • ghostwriting to take the burden off your shoulder as you work with a professional writer.
  • a combination of all the above. With many of our clients, we shift from one service to another as the need manifests itself. Helping you with your book is a very organic approach for us. One thing we know for sure is we can make your memoir happen!

Your next step to creating your book…

If you are a person who has had an interesting business life and you want to create a written record of your experience, your next step to research how to write a business memoir is to ask for a complimentary session to explore the process of getting your memoir written.

Our work is done at  $95.

If this is within your budget, give us a ring at 207-353-5454, M-F, 9-5 ET or email us to set up an appointment to answer your questions and discuss your project. Suggest three dates and times that work for you and we will confirm one.

Take the next step & call us today!

After the complimentary call…

Try us for a three-hour commitment at $285.

That’s it: three hours! If we’re a fit, you ask us for more time. If we’re not a fit, we wish you good luck and go our separate ways.

You can start to write your business memoir today!

If your experience is more that of a professional, visit our webpages or the posts on our memoir professional memoir category devoted to writing the professional memoir.

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