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A 'time management for writers' note from Denis Ledoux and The Memoir Network Team

When you learn specific time management for writers, you will have enough time to write your memoir. Really. Writer’s Time: Management That Works shows you how you can access “enough time.”

You’re going to have to think differently about the time you have—which is the same amount as every writer has—and how you can use it!

In Writer’s Time: Management That Works, you will learn how to reapportion the use your time so that it reflects your priorities.

I fairly sure that you are not using your time as profitably now as you will after you master this program. Time management for writers is the name of the game.

You’ve been successful at “finding” time for other things now “find” time to write your memoir—and other writing!

Think of how you might have forgotten to do something—until you were reminded of it. Perhaps there was a deadline, and all of a sudden, time changed and you did what you had to do with record efficiency

What happened?

What happened is that you changed how you used your time. Now, you can apply “time management for writers!”

In Writer’s Time: Management That Works, learn to change how you use your time—and you will find that you have enough time to write your memoir.

Be a published memoir writer someday soon! Start now by using well the time available to you. Purchase your own copy of Writer’s Time: Management That Works.

Denis and The Memoir Network Team

You’re a writer, and to succeed, you need  “time management for writers” skills that are different from those of a business person. At last, here’s such a program for a creative like you!

— Denis Ledoux

time management for writers

In the Writer’s Time: Management That Works, you will:

  • come to understand how there’s really only one aspect of time we can manage. (Introduction Module)
  • appreciate how subjective your thinking about time is. (Module 1)
  • treat scheduling seriously but don’t make the mistake of thinking that schedules are the end-all of time management. (Module 2)
  • glimpse behind procrastination to learn what it really is. (Module 3)
  • understand “getting it perfect” as the really bad habit it is. (Module 4)
  • see that writing needn’t take your life over but it needs to be a priority. (Module 5)
  • pick up some surprising and effective memoir-writing “best practices” when it comes to time management. (Through out.)

Writing your memoir will take up a lot of your time over the next months and even years—but it does not call for more time than you have. You actually have more time than you think you have. This program will help you find the time to write.

— Denis Ledoux

The Writer’s Time: Management That Works Program contains:

  1. Five packed instructional modules available every other day—in print and audio.
  2. A dozen plus Action Steps to make practical the information you have garnered to “use my writing time effectively.”
  3. Many From the Field stories about people—just like you—who learned to grapple with “time management for writers” successfully.
  4. Six sets of powerful Affirmations—printed and audio—to get you on your side.
  5. Take Aways for each module to help you review.

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Download your free excerpt of Writer’s Time: Management That Works Program. Click here.

time management for writersSign up for the Writer’s Time: Management That Works Program.

Be your memoir’s champion. It’s your project and only you can make it happen. Conquer your time demon right now and one day, sooner than you now think possible, you will be holding an interesting and meaningful memoir in hand. Yes, you can do this for yourself.

 $39—A great value.

On sale for $19.95 January 8-19, 2024

Use Discount code: WT50

The Affirmation MP3s alone are worth more than the price of this program. When you add everything else, you have a winner here.

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OUR FULL GUARANTEEsatisfaction guarantee

There is nothing to lose when you purchase the Writer’s Time: Management That Works Program. If you feel you aren’t getting your money’s worth, let us know before receiving Module 2, and we will see to it that your money is refunded. No questions asked.

This is a risk-free opportunity to write with better time management skills specific to writers like you. Write with the support and guidance you deserve.

We are confident you will find the materials extremely useful as you launch your memoir writing.