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Your Dream: A Real Book You’ll Be Proud to Call Your Own!

If you dream of your manuscript becoming a hard-copy book, self-publishing is an option that make your dream come true. There will be no surprises. Our Book Production team will help you along the way, all the way.

Elwell The Memoir Network
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There’s impressive company to keep when you publish your own work—people like Henry David Thoreau, Virginia Woolf, and the authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, for instance.


Most of our clients are very “ordinary” people. Many have never thought of themselves as writers at all. Yet they have written—sometimes for their children or grandchildren and sometimes for a larger community. Many dream of seeing their notebook pages or digital files of personal and family stories transformed into a “real” book they can hold in their hands.

Most publish their books for their family, friends, and communities without the ambition to start new careers as best-selling authors. They want their books to represent them in history, to record their personal and family lives for generations to come.

The book you produced with me turned out better than I had hoped. So many people have commented on how attractive my book is

— James Wallace, Portland, Oregon,
Twins in a Two-Room Schoolhouse

The Memoir Network

We offer a full menu of book production services for the first-time, one-time, or experienced author.

We have the technical expertise needed to design and prepare your book for printing.

– Traditional Hard-Copy Printing. We have a strong, longstanding relationship with a quality print house. Like us, they stand behind their work and take pains to make sure the finished product is the book you envisioned at the outset. If you are into marketing your book, this is the option that will earn your the higher income over time, but there is the risk that you will not sell all your copies.

– Print on Demand. There are excellent options for you to print your book one at a time. (That’s why we call it  “print on demand.”) POD is the less financially painful way to publish but it is also less remunerative in the long run as you pay more per copy. You do not however end up with unsold copies.

Why You Should Self-Publish With The Memoir Network

On to Paris We Sped

Publishing your own book allows you to

  • retain full control of the text, the design and the illustrations.
  • keep 100% of the cover price for every sale.
  • act immediately on your goal of completing your project.
  • hire book production that reflects your taste, budget & dream.

Do you check—or improve—the quality of your writing?

We offer professional memoir editing and coaching. It’s our job to make suggestions for how your work can say all you want it to say, clearly, concisely, in your own voice.

Do you want professional results without having to become an expert?

We offer artistic and technical book production expertise, developed over many, many projects since 1988.

Many of the 120 photos published in my book were much clearer and more distinct than the originals—thanks to the skillful work of The Memoir Network’s book designer with her Photoshop programs.

— Emily Foster, Norway, Maine, The Legend of Barjo Restaurant

Take the next step in producing a book you will be proud of. Call us today!

Call 207-353-5454, M-F, 9-5 ET, or  email us to set up an appointment. Suggest three dates and times that work for you and we will confirm one. Sooner than you now think, we’ll get your book into book production to turning out a result you’ll be proud of.

Do you have questions you want answered before you call? Visit our FAQ page. Click here to get an idea of possible costs.