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You Can Become A Memoir Professional

Learn to develop effective, profitable best practices today.

We call memoir professionals those individuals who help people to write their memoirs whether as a teacher of memoir writing or as a memoir coach, editor or ghostwriter.

You, too, can learn to be a profitable memoir professional. Our university-quality training will show you how. It is an inexpensive, easy-to-access program that is broken down into do-able steps.
help people to write their memoirs
A Memoir Network workshop, June 1999

You’ve notice that interest in memoir writing is running higher than ever. You’ve also asked yourself why shouldn’t you capitalize on this fact to make best use of your talents and interest!

Wherever you live, there are people in your area:

  • who want to leave a written record of their lives but
  • who have little idea about how to recall the details of their story,
  • who are at a loss to develop a memoir character or plot, and
  • who need to learn how to pace and shape a book of memoirs so that it is interesting and meaningful to its readers.

People in your community need to work with you to develop their memoir-writing skills—whether you choose to teach, coach, edit, ghostwrite or to offer your clients all four. You can learn both to help people to write their memoirs and to set yourself up to be profitable.

Denis Ledoux’s Memoir Professional materials are an excellent, comprehensive training focused on how to start and operate a memoir business successfully.

—Robin Waldron, Memoir Professional
The Write Source, Franklin, Indiana

This is who becomes a successful Memoir Professional. Is this you?

The Memorable Story / Write Your First Memoir Draft

The Memorable Story / Write Your First Memoir Draft is a self-paced, long-distance writing program designed to teach you what you must know and do to create a meaningful and insightful memoir—a truly Memorable Story!

  • 11 comprehensive print and audio instructional modules, full of actionable steps.
  • 11 finely tune affirmations to counter any limiting beliefs and boost your self-confidence
  • a generous library of ebooks and MP3 downloads that augment the program.

On sale with a generous $100.00 discount: Was $199 — now only $99!

Invest in your story; invest in yourself. Register today. Was $199

    now $99.


Success doesn’t call for a certain personality. Extroverts and introverts alike can do well. Even levels of formal education are not predictors. But…

Achieving success as a Memoir Professional does call for certain traits. The characteristics that lead to success include:

  • wanting to help people to write their memoirs.
  • being a memoir writer yourself. You wouldn’t expect a golf teacher not to be a golfer!
  • improving yourself as both a professional and a writer. This implies always learning to be better at both. You need to invest emotionally and financially in your professional development.
  • having empathy for people. Encouraging writers to share intimate stories—whether with a group or with you—calls for a non-judgmental approach and deep listening. People wrote their best story even if—often by their own estimation today—it was not very good.
  • being patient. Writers are struggling to incorporate newly acquired writing techniques into their memoir. It takes time to convert knowledge into skill. That practice—and feedback on it—is one reason clients have come to you.
  • enjoying the facilitator role—if your chosen medium is the workshop. A facilitator steps back and let’s the group take over for a while. There is much collective wisdom within a group of adult learners.
  • accepting that you can tell the story in another person’s voice—if you are a ghostwriter.

Denis Ledoux provides laser-like suggestions and instructions to those interested in working in the field of personal history.

— Tom Gilbert, Memoir Professional
Your-story-Your Life, Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Memoir Network takes the uncertainty and the worry out of launching yourself as a Memoir Professional.

We have been active as memoir professionals since 1988. In that time, we have led workshops, coached clients, edited manuscripts, ghostwritten books and prepared memoirs for publication for  thousands of people.

In that time, we have seen how the Memoir Professionals who do best are those who offer various memoir services.

Teach Memoir Workshops

Workshops are often—as playing the piano is for music—the base for building your success as a Memoir Professional. Our materials provide you the help you need to teach memoir writing and make your workshops a resounding success. Our materials will provide you with:

  • extensive solutions to writing problems—how to ease emotional blocks, address stylistic difficulties, use memory effectively.
  • effective insights for handling issues writers bring to their memoir creation—salve self-doubt, calm fear of failure, rest thoughts of insignificance.
  • excellent outreach models for attracting coaching, editing, and ghostwriting clients. At one point, I estimated that 40% of my workshoppers went on to purchase another memoir service from my company.

Coach, Edit or Ghostwrite to help people to write their memoirs

I am incredibly impressed at how thorough and valuable these materials are.

Sue Mitchell, Memoir Professional
An Untold Story, Grand Junction, Colorado

Choose between the full Memoir Professional package (best value) or à la carte options to learn to help people to write their memoirs.

1. The full Memoir Professional Package comes to you with all the following:

  • A proven Curriculum printable as an easy-to-use manual to help you to teach memoir writing. This curriculum has already been tested with tens of thousands of apprentice writers around the world. (Memoir Professional Packages have been used worldwide—in Canada, Israel, Japan, Zimbabwe and Poland to name only a few.) Offering workshops using our Curriculum Manual will launch you effectively in the world of memoir writing.
  • An Editor’s Manual to organize and accelerate your entry into the lucrative editing sideline.
  • A Speaker’s Manual to set up speaking as a client generator system.
  • Business Development MP3s to provide strategies for making a critical and financial success of your efforts.
  • Easy-to-implement guidelines are  offered throughout the package as appropriate in the various components for effectively conducting your memoir business—this is not a case of theory without hands-on material. (Many professionals have earned full- or part-time income with our manuals as their basic references.)
The Memoir Network

I expected the Memoir Professional Package to be full of information—but not this full. You guys know what you are talking about. It felt like I was in good hands to launch myself as a Memoir Professional under your guidance. I feel confident now. It’s been good.

—Lynda McDaniels, Memoirs for Life, Miami, Forida

2. À la carte
We can also launch you as a coach, editor and/or ghostwriter. If you want to help people to write their memoirs, but you do not want to buy the full package, you can buy the following materials individually by title:

Many professionals who have decided to teach memoir writing have also been interested in our Photo Scribe line. You can become a Photo Scribe teacher, too. This is an alternate manner both to help people to write their memoirs and to earn extra income.

A Photoscribe Teacher helps individuals to preserve their family stories within the context of a photo album. S/he leads workshops on how to preserve family stories in writing in scrapbook albums. A great addition for a Memoir Professional or a scrapbook consultant.


Selling The Memoir Network books on your site and/or as back-of-the-room sales at your workshops and programs will bring you added income. For information on Volume Discounts on hardcover copies of Turning Memories Into Memoirs or The Photo Scribeclick here.

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A gift for you...
...because you need to get your memoir written. This little book will focus you to complete your memoir.
  • Your memoir deserves to be written. We help people get their story down—right!
  • Writing a memoir or want to improve one you're working on? Download Memoir Writing 101: How to Craft a Compelling Memoir or Lifestory / 10 Steps and a Bonus.
  • Memoir Writing 101 comes with The Lifewriter's Guides, a biweekly "workshop in an email.".
  • If you are already a member of The Memoir Network, this e-book and others are available to you free in Member Resources.