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paths to profit

Four Paths to Profit for Your Small Business Success

Too many solo-preneurs and small business people do not think through the most lucrative paths to profit by which their companies make money. In so not doing, they leave money on the table. How do you find these paths to profit? 1. Take a good look at your existing product and service line. What is […]

make a business plan

Make a Business Plan for Your Memoir Writing Business—Basic Elements

What do you want your memoir writing business to accomplish in the next 12 months? Take some time right now and make a business plan. You don’t have time, you say. Planning is an indulgence? Think of this parable: A person is sawing a tree and is obviously harried. A second person approaches and asks, […]

grow memoir writing based business

Grow a Memoir Or Writing-Based Company – Don’t Set a Fixed Price

Always tell clients that you don’t know how much a long-term project will cost. Tell them it will almost certainly cost more than they expect. This article takes the anxiety out of pricing for you and the client as you can grow your memoir writing-based company. While clients will want to know how much they […]

The Memoir Workshop Associate Memoir Teacher

Launching Memoir Teaching – 6 Steps to Success

Launching Memoir Teaching – 6 Steps to Success As a memoir teacher —  after you have garnered the names and contact information of sales prospects — it is important to do a follow through. You need to call, email, or write a card to the prospects to remind your contacts of who you are and how you can […]

Teaching a memoir workshop leader

Teach A Writing Workshop with Two Minds

As the workshop teacher, you must always experience the session’s writing with two minds because you are always filling two functions. You are a recipient of the story who is enjoying and being influenced by the story being shared and you are always the teacher whose responsibility is to shape the workshop experience for the […]

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Grow Your Memoir Or Writing-Based Company

Grow Your Memoir Or Writing-Based Company – 5 Things to Do Today Are there steps you can effect today that will change how much you will be compensated for your memoir work? I think there definitely are—whether you are trying to earn an income from memoir work or whether you would simply like to earn […]

The Memoir Workshop Associate Memoir Teacher

Teaching a Memoir Workshop – Tackle the Hard Parts and Win Accolades

When you are teaching a memoir workshop, easy is not always best. In leading memoir writing workshops, the teacher’s task is to help individuals to go through and beyond two kinds of barriers to their writing: the technical and the psychological blocks that keep them from success. Our job is to facilitate our participants’ arrival […]

5 Rules for More Profitable Memoir Writing Business

Run a Profitable Memoir-Writing Business Recently, while thinking about how to grow a business, I was jotting down some ideas about running a memoir-writing business–the what-do-I-know-now-that-I-wish-I-had-known-then sort of stuff. Here are the first five I came up with to help jumpstart my (and your) endeavor: (more…)

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