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November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 14 Activity: Travel to the Setting of Your Memoir

Travel to the place that figures in your memoir. If you can do so physically, that is great. If however you need to travel to this place in your mind – because it is too far away or because somehow the locale no longer exists, you can always get there through visualizations.

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 12 Activity: Use Sense Details in Your Memoir

Use Sense Details—They Bring Us Into the Story The difference between a memoir and a personal essay has largely to do with how each affects us differently. A memoir is one heart speaking to another while a personal essay is one mind speaking to another.

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 10 Activity: Writing Plot Into a Memoir

Writing plot into a memoir is something people are sometimes surprised to learn that a memoir needs. For some writers, this technique of writing plot into a memoir seems to be twisting the memoir into a fiction piece. But, all of us need to be kept reading by some mechanism. This mechanism is often called […]

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 8 Activity: The Backstory of Your Memoir

Each of our memoirs is likely to have stories full of details. We spend much time elaborating the story as we remember it—and this is usually good, but we often slip into telling too much backstory. When I work with coaching clients, I might ask them to tell the story of their relationship breakup, for […]

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 7 Activity: Speed Up Your Writing

People often complain that they do not have the time to write. Often this is justly so as writing does take up a good amount of time. No way around it! Today you will explore a way of writing faster—better will come later. In this post, learn to speed up your writing.

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 6 Activity: Organize a Lifestory Party

Since our lives are usually lived in community and our lifestories have evolved with other people in tow, take advantage of this symbiosis to write the best memoir you are capable of by accessing a collective memory of your life’s events. Today, you will organize a lifestory party.

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