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Your university-quality education in our inexpensive, convenient online program: Write Your First Memoir Draft!

A note from Denis Ledoux and The Memoir Network Team

Support, technical information and regular writing =
a completed first memoir draft.

Perhaps you are, or you were, a nurse or a businessman or a housewife, whatever—and you’ve felt a stirring within—or perhaps it’s more of an avalanche—to write about something in your life. This something is an aspect that was perhaps unique or something that you handled well and would like to share with someone—even with the world.

Thousands of people—just like you—have stood where you now stand. They have wondered if they could write a memoir that would be interesting and meaningful, that would pull the reader through to the end and provide a glimpse of a life well lived—or at least well redeemed.

Writing a memoir won’t always be easy but you can learn to navigate the ups and the downs successfully. You can learn to write an interesting and meaningful memoir to be proud of—and I’m here also to tell you that you don’t have to do it alone.

I’ve written many memoirs—both for myself or for others. I’ve helped many people, people just like you, and I’ve now designed a self-paced writing program to help you succeed. It’s called Write Your First Memoir Draft Program, and you can register today.

Learn to write your first memoir draft with confidence!

Before working with Denis Ledoux, I never thought I would publish a book.

Susan Myrtetus Lorentzen, NJ,
Down Over Normandy/The Life of John Myrtetus



I’m sure you’ve decided at one point to undertake something that challenged you—or even frightened you. Perhaps it was enrolling in a dance class. You and your partner registered, but felt that the reality was you couldn’t do it, that perhaps you could not learn to dance.

You dragged yourself to the first class and you and your partner stood—a bit apprehensive—in the hallway leading to the classroom. Perhaps you were a bit late. Music was already playing from within. Hesitant to enter the dance studio, you looked at each other for support. Then you opened the door.

You could see there was not, at that moment, a Fred Astaire among the dancers—as you had feared. They were all beginners. You thought, “Everyone has to begin as a beginner. Everyone starts out without much skill. We can do this.”

In the same way, every memoir writer begins as a beginner.

Every accomplished writer was once a beginning writer.

You can succeed at writing a memoir. Join us in this rewarding adventure of Writing Your First Memoir Draft Program.

Be the best memoir writer you can be!

Denis Ledoux and The Memoir Network Team

In the tutorial portion of the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program, you will learn:

Denis Ledoux has helped thousands of people to get started on their memoirs.

TIME Magazine, April 12, 1999
  • (Orientation Module): to relax your doubts about writing. Wouldn’t you love to stop approaching creating a memoir as rocket science?
  • (Module 1): to make conscious the inner blocks that are slowing you down and work through them. They waste your time and stop you from writing as well as you could. Dissolve your inner blocks!  
  • (Module 2): to appreciate why pre-writing is so important and which pre-writing tasks are the most effective and what prep work is not to be put off. Learn to write efficiently and effectively.  
  • (Module 3): to make sense of the multitude of information you have gathered for your memoir. And then confidently start to write since you’ll now have an approach that is sound!
  • (Module 4): to recognize and manipulate the first of the six writing basics of a memoir narrative. Wouldn’t you love to create more  vivid characters? It is fundamental to generating an interesting memoir.  
  • (Module 5): to master and implement the next of the six writing basics of a memoir narrative. A narrative with strong dramatic development is fundamental to generating a memoir that keeps readers reading. Yes, every memoir needs action.  
  • (Modules 6 and 7): to add setting to your memoir as your third writing basic. Ground your story in time and place and assure your reader about the authenticity of your tale. Great setting accomplishes this imperative.  
  • (Module 8): to express the fourth writing basic: theme. Theme is the soul of your story. Don’t write a story without soul.  Without theme, your story is a chronology and not a memoir.  
  • (Module 9): to listen to the voice of your characters and make use of dialog. This is your fifth writing basic. Your reader needs to hear your characters speak, but you must know the difference between what to put into dialog and what to put into the narrative.  
  • (Module 10): to write your story in scenes, to linger with your text, to respect the primacy of “show and don’t tell,” and more  for your sixth writing basic. Learn  to bring your reader along with these basic tools!

In the call portion of the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program, you work within a community of writers.

This guy really knows what he’s talking about!

Amazon reviewer
  • Our monthly group coaching calls will place you in contact with other writers who are doing just what you are doing: writing a memoir for the first time.  
  • Bring your  questions, concerns, fears and successes to the coaching session. We want to hear it all.  
  • You will receive a recording of each call to review and to benefit over time from the interactions with your fellow writers. Have to miss a call? Listen to it at your leisure. No sure you got everything? Listen to it again!
  • It is possible to purchase only the monthly calls without the WYFMD Program tutorial. Click here.

After I joined the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program, which lasted a year, I made significant progress on my memoir, greatly encouraged by the monthly group calls and the interaction with Denis and the others in the program.

The sequence of the lessons made writing much easier as I had something concrete to guide me through. The Memoir Network’s Write Your First Memoir Draft Program is one of the best out there—concise as you need it to be, yet comprehensive as you want it. I highly recommend this program to anyone writing a memoir.

Mary Griffis, Washington, D.C.
Memoir Writer/Write Your First Memoir Draft Program, 2019

Here’s a breakdown of the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program:

  1. Instructional Modules (11). Instruction is presented in both audio and print formats. (See content outline.) When you download each module, you are offered two formats to choose from—and you can download both!  
  2. Action Steps. Numerous hands-on applications offer writing practice in every module of the program. What you do you master! Many of the Action Steps lead you to producing vignettes and stories that will figure into your final memoir!
  3. Memoir Writing Assignments (10). Each module contains  a generous list of valuable writing topics (sometimes called “prompts”) to stimulate your writing. Time and again, you will return to these assignments as you flesh out your memoir. Just these assignments are worth the price of the program. These assignments will also produce material for your finished memoir.  
  4. Affirmations (11). Affirmations address hesitations and reluctance at every step of the process. The Affirmation Lists are provided in print and audio formats. Affirmations get you on your side by making it possible to write from the inside out.  
  5. The Memoir Reference Library. Books and e-books that elaborate on knowledge and skills you need to master. Write Your First Memoir Draft is a continuing writing education at its best. As my high-school history teacher used to tell us: “The more you know the better.” The library is “open” to you throughout the program. Once you download items, they are available to you forever.  
  6. The Memoir Lyceum. A growing collection of presentations offered you as  bonus MP3s. The Memoir Lyceum presents “just in time” memoir-writing instruction beyond the modules. Learn while you drive or while you are poking around. Once you download the presentations, they are yours to learn from—now and anytime.  
  7. Group coaching calls. These monthly, hour-long group coaching sessions focus on you and your needs. They expand on the modules and provide you with accountability and stimulation. The sessions are moderated by Denis Ledoux. Experience how much a community can support your writing!

I remember your delightful teaching fondly. Thanks for all the help. It made such a difference!

Mara Kirk Hart, MFA, Duluth, MN
Author of  So Many Lovely Days / The Greenwich Village Years

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

Sooner than you now think possible, you will be holding an interesting and meaningful memoir in your hands. Together, we can make that happen within the next year!

Denis Ledoux

With the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program, You Will Produce the Best Memoir You Are Capable of.

The Introductory Module for the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program will be available upon registration. Module #1 will arrive in seven days and subsequent modules will also be available every seven days.


satisfaction guarantee

There is nothing to lose when you purchase the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program. If you feel you aren’t getting your money’s worth, let us know within 10 days of your purchase, and we will see to it that your money is refunded. No questions asked.

This is a risk-free opportunity to begin writing your first memoir draft with the support and guidance you deserve.

We are confident you will find the materials extremely useful as you launch your memoir writing.

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