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What writers and their families have appreciated about The Memoir Network

Our site is full of memoir editing testimonials, but even so, we can offer you even more. We have worked directly with hundreds and hundreds of clients who have sent us so many words of appreciation!

Here are some more memoir editing quotes we hope you’ll enjoy.

Mother so wanted to pass on her family stories to her grandkids. Frankly, my sister and I thought it was too much at her age. But she proved us wrong! With your help, it was possible. I can’t tell you how grateful we are. It’s a great accomplishment for her, and a treasure for the whole family.

Thank you, Bob, for showing such respect and patience for me and for my writing. [TMN: we are sorry to note that Bob Feeman does not work with us any more. We miss his great memoir editing capabilities!]

I needed specifics and your memoir editing gave me those. I’d been going around in circles, fussing with the same boring problems for months. Your insights were so accurate. I feel like you cut away all the mess in about two strokes. Now I can move ahead.

Before you read my first two chapters, I had no idea how jumbled my images and metaphors were. Now I find an example in every chapter of a runaway image! It wasn’t difficult to unify them once you pointed it out to me and showed me how. It’s amazing how much stronger my story is from paying attention to that one tip.

Dad’s book gave him a whole new lease on life. It really helped my folks get through a long winter to have such an interesting project that meant so much to them. They feel it’s really going somewhere now that a real writer is involved and can help him turn a lifetime of anecdotes into a real book. He couldn’t have done that alone.

Denis taught me to stick with the “chronologically correct” organization of my subject’s biography by using a timeline and adhering to it. This was a deceptively simple suggestion and it worked to create a story that was easier to read!

The editor I worked with was incredible. She showed me how effective transitions from one chapter to the next could improve the overall “shape” of the book (something I had never even considered!) and how to “hook” the reader by using flow techniques like foreshadowing.

Working with The Memoir Network has been a truly exhilarating experience. I never expected to achieve so much with my ‘little collection.’ The expert memoir editing I received turned it into an interesting book.

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