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You will do well to sign up for the The Memorable Story / Write Your First Draft Program to learn to write memoir if you:

  • are very interested in creating a written legacy.write your memoir
  • want to experience how you can learn to write on your own.
  • appreciate studying the craft and art of writing in a slightly formal way.
  • have curiosity about learning to write from the basics onward.
  • are interested in being a writer – at least for a while—and want to commitment yourself to learn to write memoir.
  • are concerned with expenses and want an economical way to become a better writer.

The Memorable Story / Write Your First Draft Program is NOT for people who:

  • are experienced as memoir writers and/or who have already written a memoir or who have an existing manuscript. This writer would do better becoming an editing client.
  • have already written a book, especially a book of fiction, and is now trying her hand at memoir. This writer also would be better served by joining either a coaching or an editing service.
  • is absolutely uncomfortable with the writing and has severe doubts about his ability to learn to write memoir and to complete a manuscript. Oftentimes, this is a person with an interesting story, but very little verbal ability. This person would be better served by becoming a ghostwriting client.
  • distrusts more-structured education and is prone to find fault with any sort of organized learning. This person ought to be a coaching or editing client.
  • needs hand holding. Nothing wrong with hand holding, but this person would be happier as a coaching client. Coaching is individualized and can more easily meet the needs of such a person.

The The Memorable Story / Write Your First Draft Program is an individualized, self-paced, memoir-writing program to help you learn to write memoir and get your book out into the world.

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OUR FULL GUARANTEEsatisfaction guarantee

There is nothing to lose when you purchase the The Memorable Story / Write Your First Memoir Draft. If you feel you aren’t getting your money’s worth, let us know within 10 days of your purchase, and we will see to it that your money is refunded. No questions asked.

This is a risk free opportunity to begin writing your first memoir draft with the support and guidance you deserve.

We are confident you will find the materials extremely useful as you launch your memoir writing.

The guarantee is not available to writers who choose to download the entire program immediately.