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Request your free consultation.

We’re here to help by extending a free, 30-minute memoir coaching assessment to you. Thanks for reaching out to us.

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This 30-minute memoir coaching assessment consultation is a time:

  • for you to share with us what your needs are. You tell us such things as:
    ◦ to which audience is your book intended for,
    ◦ the message you hope to impart in the finished book,
    ◦ your readiness to tell your truth.
  • for us to assess how we can work together and share our recommendations with you. For this, we need to know such things as:
    ◦ what timeline might you be working under?
    ◦ what additional role would you like The Memoir Network to play in the creation of your memoir?

What this 30-minute free coaching assessment is not.

This is not a coaching session. While we welcome reviewing a short segment of your writing, we will not engage in an extensive review of your manuscript. Coaching is a process that is beyond the scope of a short session. What we will want to know are answers to the above issues and questions.

Before you call

Note that this free coaching assessment session has value to you in as much as it leads to a productive collaboration between us to get your memoir written or to a realization that this collaboration is not feasible.

Our services are billed at $95/hour. Your time is valuable. If you cannot afford this fee, you would do better to consider other options.

During the free coaching assessment, we can provide estimated range of what your fee might be according to the info you provide. This estimate is understandably a “ball park” figure.

Here’s what to do next:

  • email us for a free coaching assessment session and we will answer by email. Include three dates and times that work for you. We will choose one of your times for our appointment.

  • call us at 207-353-5454 9 AM to 5 PM / ET and we will be glad to speak with you. If we can’t speak to you then, we will make an appointment for your free coaching assessment. After hours, you can leave a message and we will get back to you asap.

    We look forward to speaking with you.

Remember: whatever you do today, write a bit on your memoir.

Denis Ledoux and the Memoir Network Team