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A Free Memoir Writing Course


The Right Way

This is a great memoir writing online course for all levels of writers, and it’s free!


Whether you have not written a word or are already composing your memoir, this free memoir writing course will help you to calibrate—or recalibrate—your effort.

Master easy and effective techniques for a successful writing launch—or relaunch—taught in this free memoir-writing course.

In this five-lesson writing course, you will learn: 

  • how to remember more than you ever thought possible. This will make your memoir more accurate and vivid—better and more meaningful.
  • why pre-writing tasks are essential. Don’t neglect pre-writing. Do it effectively so as to ease your writing.
  • how to mine your photos, journals and other materials on hand to bring depth to your memoir. (Photos and journals are more reliable than memory! Memory is often false, faulty and flattering!)
  • where to start to write your story—hint: it’s likely not where your readers will begin to read your book.
  • what is your best writing option for productivity. You can get this memoir published in the next year—max: two years! Let’s get going! Best practices will prove your best bet.
  • how to banish writer’s block forever. It’s not that hard—really!

There were times I hit roadblocks and almost quit, but your materials helped me get through those obstacles.

Joyce Putnam Eblen
A Hill of Beans

Ledoux helps writers get off to a great start.

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This guy really knows what he’s talking about!

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