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Develop Vivid Characters—Give Your Memoir an Advantage.

Writing a memoir—and this is true of creating any work of art—is fueled both by inspiration and craft. Harnessing both can help you to develop vivid characters that will make your memoir interesting and meaningful to read.

In this freestanding tutorial extracted from the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program, The Memoir Network offers a solid instruction on how to develop vivid characters that can be said to “live” in your memoir. This tutorial will help make your memoir truly memorable—and its characters will be a big reason people keep reading.

develop vivid characters in memoir
You very much can develop vivid characters.

Learning the craft of writing vivid characters will take some time and effort, but the endeavor is not more than you can succeed at. People just like you—standing where you now stand, perhaps at the beginning of an exciting memoir project or perhaps in the midst of one—have succeeded in doing just what you now propose to do for your book.

Be good to yourself: gift yourself this package.

A breakdown of Develop Vivid Characters:

  • A perspective on how to marry inspiration and craft as you write your memoir
  • A look at why characters in memoirs and characters in fiction are both alike and different.
  • An introduction to the concept of you, the memoirist, being a character in your memoir. Not only the younger you but the older you of today who is telling the story.
  • A discussion of which fiction elements to introduce into character development and which to leave out.
  • A guide to which sense details make for vivid characters.
  • A reason to look at your characters as if they were in a movie.
  • An understanding of the fear of telling too much about a character and ways to get around that fear.
  • A guiding hand to incorporate your characters into the action of your memoir.
  • A way to ease writing about the conflict you may have experienced with one of the characters.

How Develop Vivid Characters is structured:

  • 28-pages of an information-packed tutorial broken down into bite-size instruction.
  • 6 Action Steps to give you just-in-time practice implementing what you have just learned.
  • an audio of the package tutorial.
  • An effective affirmation section—both text and audio—to help you deal with any blocks you may have about working with the characters of your life.

Formats Of This Module

  • A written text formatted for clarity and ease of access for those who prefer a written version.
  • An audio version of the tutorial for those people who access information more readily by hearing it.

With Develop Vivid Characters, you will learn how to make your memoir stand out.

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