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Your memoir editing fee is $95/hour for manuscript editing and telephone consultations.

There is no charge (billing) for the introductory consultations by phone. The first of the two complimentary consultations is with Denis Ledoux who will—if you choose to continue—then point you to a specific editor best suited to your needs. You will then have a second complimentary consultation with this professional. There is no memoir editing fee at this stage.

After the complimentary consultations, you proceed to a trial three-hour billable package before moving on to a regular relationship with your editor.

How you pay the editing fee is your choice. You can pre-pay by check or PayPal (after the initial trial payment we pass on the PayPal fee to you so we urge you not to select this option) or you can leave a credit card number on file.

How long does it take to edit a manuscript?

The time required to edit a manuscript is difficult—perhaps impossible—to predict. An editor may move quickly through one excerpt submission of a book manuscript and then have to plod through another submission from the same memoir manuscript.

Why is this so?

Your editing fee will reflect the condition of your manuscript.

  • Sometimes a writer has sent in a story that s/he has told many times and the writing is already honed.
  • On the negative side, perhaps a writer has sent in a piece of writing too early in the process and the editor is working with copy that really needed reworking before submission.
  • Or, the reason can be something else entirely.

That’s why we cannot promise you to read a fixed number of pages per hour but we can promise you that we will work appropriately to deliver you the quality editing you have a right to expect from us.

Are you ready to work with a memoir editor?

Ask for an initial complimentary session to assess your needs and the suitability of The Memoir Network to help you succeed. All initial complimentary sessions are with Denis Ledoux. You may then be assigned to a second complimentary session with a specific editor.

We offer a billable introductory package—try us with a three-hour commitment. That’s it: three hours! If we’re a fit, you ask us for more time. If we’re not a fit, we go our separate ways. The editing fee for the the trial is $285.

The Memoir NetworkTake the next step & call us today!

207-353-5454, M-F, 9-5 ET or email us to set up an appointment. Suggest three dates and times that work for you and we will confirm one.