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 Your Manuscript Needs Memoir Proofreading.

You’ve written your book and, while you have not had professional memoir proofreading done, you’re feeling positive about your manuscript. Perhaps you’ve had ample coaching or careful editing and now you feel your text is ready for publication.

“Isn’t the next step to publish it myself or send it to a publisher?” you ask.

Wait! There’s one more step before publication!

Every manuscript needs memoir proofreading—it’s sometimes called “copy editing.”

Just as, when you have cleaned house and are almost ready for your guests to arrive, you will do a last look around.

Isn’t it only then that you notice you have forgotten

  • a pair of shoes by the door,
  • a few glasses you washed ten minutes earlier still in the dish drainer,
  • the wine bottle which is sitting on the counter rather than in the fridge.

Your manuscript needs tidying up, too. It’s called memoir proofreading.

In the same way, your manuscript is likely to have a few “tidy up” spots that have not been taken care of. Perhaps there are

  • questions that are punctuated with a period.
  • homonyms that neither spell-check nor anyone picked up: a “pear of shoes” anyone or how about a “pair compote”?
  • both appearances of the real name of a character and the pseudonym you intended for its replacement. (Speak of not being clear!)
  • some words that should have been italicized but for some reason were not—sacre bleu, what happened to the italics!

A professional memoir proofreading is still necessary after editing.

“But I’ve had my book edited,” a writer will continue to insist. “Isn’t copy editing at this point redundant?”

Yes, and you’ve vacuumed the rugs and put the laundry away, but there are still glasses in the dish rack and the wine has not been chilled!

Your developmental editor was focused on the development of your story and on its dramatic and psychological polish. S/he actually did much to eliminate typos and grammar mistakes and to check names and dates, but that was not his/her focus.

Your proofreader will be focused on these elements—and on nothing else. When you hire a professional memoir proofreader, you hire the finishing touches.

Proofreading is a last stage that must be taken care of to prepare your manuscript for publication and release to its audience.

Don’t set the reader up to bemoan, “Oh, I wish the writer had taken care of these problems.”

Be in contact to request a memoir proofreading.

We would love to serve as your proofreading team. We feel ours is the best proofreading service you can purchase.

As always we offer a trial period for you to check us out.

We will help bring your manuscript to its next level!

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