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Thank you for wanting to repost a blog article of ours. Here’s how to do it right.

You are welcome to repost a blog article from our blog to yours. We consider your interest to be quite flattering and encourage this collaboration to extend the memoir conversation to your readers. Collaboration creates ever-widening circles of awareness of the joys, the satisfactions and the healing potentials of memoir writing.

Repost a Memoir Writer's Blog Post

Reposting a blog article from a prominent site is also a proven way to assert—or establish—your credibility as a memoir writer—and possibly as a Memoir Professional.

We ask you to…

Follow the appropriate guidelines below.

1. To repost a blog article in its the entirety.

Include the following tag and link when you repost our piece in its entirety. The link must be live:

  • If the post came from the Memoir Writer’s Blog:
    This post originally appeared in the Memoir Writer’s Blog at []] We reprint it here with their kind permission.

  • If the post came from the Memoir Professional’s blog:
    This post originally appeared in the Memoir Professional’s Blog at []

2. To repost a blog article using only the first paragraphs with a link to the article:

  • Instead of reposting the whole piece, you might choose print the first paragraph or two and then cut it off. [This is often a good choice, if you are curating many articles in a digest form.] End the repost excerpt with a “click here to read the full article” backlink to apropriate slug. [  or []

Please let us know you repost a blog article from either of our blogs and furnish the date of the reposting.
Keep the Memoir Conversation Going

Thank you so much for your interest in expanding the memoir conversation.
Denis Ledoux

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