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Hiring a Memoir Ghostwriter

Hiring a memoir ghostwriter is a good choice when:

  1. You have an idea but you don’t have the skills to write a book.
  2. You’ve tried writing your stories but they just didn’t come out right.
  3. You’ve written a rough draft—it’s just not good. This is your written legacy after all.
  4. You’ve written a lot, but the story needs shoring up—structural work.
  5. You could write your book but you choose not to. You’d rather pass the leadership on this project.
  6. You want help to make this a more pleasant and successful experience.

Our Memoir Ghostwriters Have Helped Many People to Create Interesting and Well-written Memoirs.

1. You have an idea but you don’t have the skills to write it out.

You sense you will not realize your dream of publishing your memoir if you attempt to write in isolation and without an expert editor/memoir ghostwriter to support and guide you. You don’t know where to start or how to keep going both technically and emotionally! You know you don’t have the writing experience nor the energy and time to acquire specialized skills.

The Memoir Network Ghostwriting Services

“But, I want to write my memoir!” you persist in saying.

Our memoir ghostwriters have helped many, many people—just like you—to “write the story of my life” and we can help you, too. Hiring a memoir ghostwriter may be just what you need.


2. You’ve tried writing your stories but they just didn’t come out right. They sound stilted and boring.

Hiring a memoir ghostwriter offers exactly the help you need by taking your project in hand and crafting your memoir the way a builder uses your vision to build your dream house.

“Writing my memoir has proven harder than I thought,” you lament. Not to worry! We have picked up on many hesitant or stalled memoir projects and brought them to their successful completions. Our ghostwriters can do the same for your memoir.

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3. You’ve written a rough draft—a collection of disparate vignettes and short pieces—that ambles and gets lost here and there.

You’ve enjoyed the process—somewhat!—and perhaps you want to continue writing parts of your memoir—vignettes, scenes, dialogues—but you know you need a professional co-author to weave your bits together in order to create a coherent and interesting autobiography that conveys your worldview and themes.

“Writing my autobiography has come to a standstill!” you realize. A memoir ghostwriter who has “been there and done that” can analyze the status of your memoir, take the action necessary to revive it, and bring your book of personal stories to a satisfying completion in record time.

As I said to you, “I’ll never get this book done if I try to write it myself.” Ghostwriting was the right choice to get my materials to add up to a book in record time!

—Susan Myrtetus Lorentzen, Ghostwriting Client


A Memoir Ghostwriter Can Help You Find Questions You May Not Even Have Thought Of.


4. You’ve written a lot of your memoir already—and some of it reads well—but you know it needs structural work—more than simple editing might provide. It needs pacing and a story arc.

You have reread your memoir manuscript many times—sometimes you feel you are merely staring at it one more time—and still the changes you ought to effect remains elusive.

What’s more, you are growing tired of writing! You are ready for your autobiography to take its place in the world, but you’ve run out of energy to re-write and polish it, or don’t know how to take it to the next stage.

Hire a ghostwriter to write my memoir

  • Which writing questions should you ask?
  • Which transition stories still need to be written?
  • Which stories ought to be eliminated because they don’t contribute to your memoir as a whole or to your theme?
  • Are the characters sufficiently delineated?
  • Are the settings detailed so that the reader has a sense of walking through the world that was once yours?
  • Is the authorial persona that narrates your memoir effective?
  • How do you shape the larger story so that it has more drive?
  • How do you pace the memoir manuscript so that not all parts are given equal treatment as if they were all equal in your life’s progress?
  • How do you challenge yourself to go deeper into the story, to visit meaningful parts of the story you feel reluctant to explore?

As your memoir ghostwriters, we can address all of these issues and create a text that fully expresses and embodies the life you wish to memorialize in your book of lifestories. Hiring a memoir ghostwriter can be your best next choice.

I had a story to tell, but I was at a loss as to how to write a memoir. From the first complimentary consultation, I knew I was in the hands of a memoir writer expert who would help me get my memoir writing project done. I’d recommend hiring a memoir ghostwriter from The Memoir Network to anyone.”

—Virginia Niss

5. You know you could write your memoir yourself over the next years but you choose not to. You already have enough projects.

Taking on crafting an autobiography alone is simply more than you want to commit to. The learning curve can be steep, and you sense that working with a professional memoir co-writer will move the project along quickly, efficiently.

“I don’t need to put off creating my memoir,” you realize. No, you don’t! A ghostwriter who meets writing challenges every day is generally able to ease the creation process and speed up the completion of writing your book.


6. You want help to make this experience of writing your stories more pleasant and successful. It should be, shouldn’t it?

Writing a memoir should be an exciting and rewarding time in your life.

Whatever your starting point, the end result of working with a skillful, sensitive co-author is the published memoir you now dream of holding in your hands, of sharing with your family and friends—and possibly the world.

A memoir ghostwriter provides technical skills and a writer’s sensibility to your project as well as professional confidence, and you provide the lifestory details you want to share and preserve. The story of your life and/or work unfolds as you and your co-writer “meet” by telephone, e-mail, and letters. Your co-author crafts your memories into an interesting and effective memoir manuscript, which you can then adapt and alter as much—or as little—as you choose.

Together, your and your ghostwriting professional bring your lifestory from where it is stuck now to an interesting published memoir that both entertains and informs its audience.

When it is finished, your memoir will have your voice and your message. Your memoir ghostwriter will have faded into the background. The autobiography you will be holding in your hands will be your book in every way.

Still have questions about working with a ghostwriter?

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Are you all set to hire a memoir ghostwriter?

If you are ready to proceed to create the best memoir you are capable of, we suggest you sign up for our introductory package—try us for a three-hour commitment. That’s it: three hours! If we’re a fit, you ask us for more time. If we’re not a fit, we go our separate ways.

[If ghostwriting is beyond your budget, visit our on-line resources page for an overview of a myriad of services and materials we can offer you—both free and fee-based.]

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What sort of help is best for a memoir writer?

The answer to your question is necessarily an individual one. It might be coaching, editing, ghostwriting, proofreading or book production. Any reputable company will offer a free consultation to help you define the options and select one the best for you.

What if I have not begun to write and don’t know what to write about but still want to write the memoir myself?

This is a frequent challenge for new writers.

  • Coaching will get you to explore possible topics. Writing your best memoir is a big commitment, and you ought to be focused on something important to you. You need to take the time it takes to discover your topic.

What if I have already done a lot of writing?

  • Editing is then your best choice. A developmental editor will both advise you on how to strengthen you manuscript if that is needed and will show you how. A content editor can help you polish your existing prose. A copy editor / proofreader will prepare your final draft for publication.