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Frequently Asked Questions — Writer’s Time: Management That Works

Q. There are a lot of programs out there on time management. Why enroll in yours specifically?

A. There are many time management program available, and they vary in quality. Most are business-focused, time-management programs. Our Writing your memoir will take up a lot of your time over the next months and even years—but it does not call for more time than you have. You actually have more time than you think you have. Writer’s Time: Management That Works is totally designed for people who are writing a memoir, and it is totally geared to the creative process you are engaged in—not on managing an office environment or scaling a business.

Q. I understand that the program is delivered online. If I am not good with computers, will I be able to do this?

A. Well, the program will be distributed via the web but it is not really an online program. You will download both the print and the audio material and store it on your local computer or tablet. You can then choose to work with it in digital format or you can print it out. The audio portion can be listened to as you drive to a store or sweep the kitchen floor or sit on your deck. Audio is a wonderful way to learn and review.

Q. Why did you choose the two-day spacing for delivery of modules? Can I have them all at once?

A. Learning a new habit is both a matter of continual practice and of incorporating information to carry out a new habit. Our spacing allows you to integrate the material intellectually and it gives you a minimum window of time to put the ideas into practice. We hope that you will return to the modules many times again to let the information sink in and let that information be your guide as you develop new habits and put them into practice.

Q. What if I need more than two days to assimilate a module? Can I space it out more?

A. Since the material you receive every two days are yours to keep, you can do the readings and the writing assignments according to your schedule. The schedule is our choice based on large numbers of writers we have worked with. If you need more time, set each new module aside until you are ready.

Q. What if I find this program not to be my “cup of tea?” Can I get a refund?

A. Absolutely. While we hope that you would realize this before you register for the program, we can certainly understand that it is possible to come to a realization after registration. You will have a full refund if you withdraw before receiving the second module—no questions asked.TimeManagementICON

Q. Do I have access to all material I’ve already received if I withdraw?

A. You have ownership of all the material for the introductory and first modules, but you will no longer have access to the membership area. Download all materials you have access to before you forfeit your membership.

Q. So the materials are mine to keep after I have finished the program?

A. Yes, all the materials you will receive are yours to download and keep. You continue to have access to the member’s area and can download any new material we add subsequently.

“Who would have thought that I could find the time to write so much! Time was there all along. I just needed to rearrange it.”

—Deanna Alcock

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Q. Can I split the payment into two?

A. Since the total payment is so small, we do not offer a split payment option.

Q. Do you offer discounts or scholarships to seniors?

A. Other than the stated discounts we offer during promotions, we do not offer any discounts or scholarships. Writer’s Time: Management That Works is presented at a very low cost, and we feel that it has a discount/scholarship inherent within its pricing.

Q. Some of this material can be found elsewhere on the web or even on your site. Can’t I piece it together?

A. Yes, it is true that some of the material can be found in similar organization elsewhere on the web (other blogs have published material on time management) and some of it is drawn from our website and from some of our current books.

The uniqueness of the program derives both from many original presentations of material and certainly from its original organization of both new and old material.

What we offer you is collated in a manner that we feel is maximally beneficial—and time efficient. You do not need to spend days on the internet looking for this material.

Q. Can a person really learn time management during this program?

A. Yes and no! Effective time management depends both on knowledge and on practice. You will easily assimilate the material intellectually over the days the program is offered. However, you will need to continue to practice time management. In the end, time management is not a knowledge (we provide) but a habit (you develop on what we furnish you with). Habits take a good amount of time to develop and then to become—well—habitual. You will be practicing time-management habits long after you have understood the intellectual content of the program.

“You were a great guide. I’m doing much better at prioritize my writing. Habits, habits, habits! It feels great so far—and I’m writing lots more!”

—Carrie Pacini

Q. Do writers in this program work with a coach?

A. The program has no built-in coaching. Of course, you can ask to work with a coach to serve as your accountability, partner, but the program is designed to deliver its benefits without a coach.

Q. Can I share the material with my writing group and friends and family?

A. We hope you will not share the materials. Downloading being what it is, you have the ability to do so. However, our own ability to continue to provide you with quality programs is compromised when someone uses our programs without buying them. Sharing without concurrent payments undermines our ability to make a win-win experience for both you and The Memoir Network. Our own salaries are derived from the sale of our work.

We encourage you to share the material from My Memoir Education, but we ask you to honor that the material in Writer’s Time: Management That Works is available only on a fee basis. Encourage people to sign up for a membership of their own. The cost is modest.

We have sold you only the first (personal) rights to Writer’s Time: Management That Works. We have not sold you distribution rights. We leave you on your honor not to do so.

I used to be such a perfectionist. You started me on a more realistic road. I hope to report one day that I have completely overcome my addiction to ‘getting everything right’.

—Sawin Lepage

Q. Can a group buy a package at a price less than the total number of buyers x $39?

A. Yes, be in touch with us.

Q. What if I can’t do it now? Can I get the introductory discount at another time?

A. The introductory discount is available only during promotional periods. If you want to avail yourself of a discount, simply buy Writer’s Time: Management That Works and use the materials as your schedule opens up. The materials are yours to keep and whether you study and implement them immediately or after a lapse of time, there is no difference in your access to the material.

Q. Can I interrupt the program if something comes up and then pick it up again?

A. Again, the materials are yours to keep and whether you execute them immediately or have a lapse of time does not make a difference. Of course, you will want to review previous materials when you pick up the program again.

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