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Our memoir ghostwriting fees explained

Your ghostwriting fee is $95/hour for manuscript ghostwriting and telephone consultations.

We have long debated which is most advantageous to the quality of memoir: ghostwriting fees set by the page or by the hour?

  • Billing by the page as a ghostwriting fee has built-in problems. It encourages a rush in the process as the writer is compensated for how quickly s/he writes rather than by how well. If the writer can produce a page in one hour instead of in 90 minutes, s/he will be the better paid. We realize other ghostwriting companies bill by the page, but we at The Memoir Network don’t feel that per-page billing is fair to the person who commissions a memoir. You have a right to have a shot at the best writing possible.
  • Working by the hour encourages the ghostwriter to commit to quality writing. It also stimulates the person who commissioned the memoir to prepare for interviews, to send materials and documents to the ghostwriter in a timely fashion, and to be more active in the editing process. In this way, both ghostwriter and subject are best served by hourly billing. We believe the greater commitment on both sides can lead to a less expensive memoir— smaller ghostwriting fees.

When calculating ghostwriting fees, we always bill by the minute. It’s to your advantage—you will be charged only for the time spent on your project.

There is no charge for an initial ghostwriting consultation by phone.

Terms of Our Ghostwriting Fees

We bill weekly for time spent on your ghostwriting project that week. At the outset of the project, you can stipulate the number of hours you would like us to work on your project each week. This controls expenses, but most writers have us work against a deposit rather than against hours.

Ghostwriting work will only be continued for clients whose accounts are paid up-to-date.


Give us a ring at 207-353-5454, M-F, 9-5 ET or email us to set up an appointment to answer your questions and discuss your project. Suggest three dates and times that work for you, and we will confirm one.

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If you are ready to proceed to create the best memoir you are capable of, we suggest you sign up for our introductory package. Try us for a three-hour commitment. That’s it: three hours! If we’re a fit, you ask us for more time. If we’re not a fit, we go our separate ways.

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