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How much will my ebook production cost?

All of our work is done at $95/hour. You will be billed at that hourly rate. We do not round charges to the nearest quarter hour. You are charged only for the time we actually commit to your ebook production

We do not work under contract, and you will be free to withdraw at any time. If you withdraw, you will receive a digital copy of all the work we have done to that time and you will receive a refund of your unused deposit on hand.

At the end of the project, you will receive a digital file of the ebook as formatted.

Is the three-hour trial package available?

Yes, however…

We have designed the three-hour trial for our other services so that the writer can sample how we work together creatively. Your coach, your editor or you ghostwriter cannot work outside a close relationship with you. Good synergy is crucial. The work will not be successful without it.

Ebook production, however, is basically technical, and once you have made your needs and desires clear, you will not require contact with the techie who is working on your ebook. Synergy is of little value here.

We can extend the three-hour trial at your request but we feel it is not a particularly effective process in ebook production. More important is for you to assess samples of our work. Your book will look and perform in the same manner. There is not much subjectivity in the technical process of converting a manuscript into an ebook.

Below is a copy of a memoir and of a non-fiction how-to. Click on the book(s) you wish to review to get your free copy.

The cover photo of The Nice-Nice Club Holds Its Last Meeting links to a memoir.

The Memoir Network

If you have a non-fiction book, click on the above cover image for an ebook sample.

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