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The Editor’s Manual: earn money editing with confidence!

Denis Ledoux has edited hundreds and hundreds of writers. Our Editor’s Manual distills decades of that editing experience. He knows how you can earn money editing!

I have always found that editing in all its facets—developmental, content, copy—is essential for any memoir. The secret to our editing is we shape a story with the author in mind and not the editor. Sometimes an editor can push for excellence, and at other times, an editor commits to helping a writer create the best book s/he can. Not every memoir can be outstanding but every memoir can be clear, coherent and interesting.

Denis Ledoux

What you will find in the Editor’s Manual.

As a stand-alone product, the Editor’s Manual offers you everything you need to set yourself up as a professional and earn money editing.

Here are some key features of the Editor’s Manual:

  • an evaluation of your qualifications. Are you ready to make a success of your effort?
  • an extensive overview of office processes: lead generation, how much to charge,  billing.
  • an clear path to answering “How to make money editing?”
  • dealing with different kinds of clients and their needs and demands: when to hang in there and when to let them go.
  • preparing clients for successive editing read-throughs.
  • office forms to facilitate record keeping.
  • templates of enotes and letters to adapt for your own clients.
  • actual edited pages for you to experience what editing looks like on a page.

Your next step if you wish to earn money editing

The Editor’s Manual comes with the Memoir Professional Package. If you buy the Memoir Professional Package, do not buy this Manual separately. To be taken back to the Memoir Professional Package page, click here. To buy the Memoir Professional Package now, click here.

If you wish to purchase the Editor’s Manual as a stand alone, click here. The Editor’s Manual will set you up to earn money editing and put to rest once and for all the question of “How to make money editing?”