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Business Coaching for the Memoir Professional

You know your material, of course, but you don’t know how to package it, how to present it to the world.

  • You are ready to take your memoir work to a new level.
  • Perhaps you have a website and want to notch it up a bit.
  • Perhaps you want to launch a new product and want help to shape it for your audience.
  • Perhaps you need to do larger marketing and that intimidates you.

Business coaching can help you with all the details!

Denis Ledoux provides laser-like suggestions and instructions to those interested in working in the field of personal history.

— Tom Gilbert, Memoir Professional
Your-story-Your Life, Albuquerque, New Mexico

You think of yourself as a writer—and perhaps as a teacher—and you know you have the skills to make a difference for memoir writers. You are setting your sights on workshopping, coaching, editing and ghostwriting.

But, how to transition from where you are to where you want to be?

You’ve purchased the basic memoir business tools and now would like some hands-on help to implement everything you’ve learned. Don’t have these tools? Click here to check them out.

Denis Ledoux’s Memoir Professional materials are an excellent, comprehensive training focused on how to start and operate a memoir business successfully.

—Robin Waldron, Memoir Professional,
The Write Source, Franklin, Indiana

Personalized business coaching

Personalized business coaching can guide you through the process of developing a business more quickly and lucratively. Personalized business coaching can address your important questions

Memoir Business Coaching
  • “Is my website adequate to let my potential client know, like and trust me?”
  • “How’s my messaging? Is it delivering my unique value proposition? Or perhaps you want to know what a UVP is? (Your UVP will differentiate you from all the coaches and editors.)”
  • “How will I grow a mailing list? Surely a hope and a prayer are not enough.
  • “What best practices ought I to implement and in what order?”
  • “What is a marketing funnel and how do I create one and keep one going?”
  • “How do I attract enough clients to my services to make a full-time income?”

Your support and confidence in me means the world to me.  Thank You.

Pam Bradley,

In one-on-one personalized business coaching, you are the focus.

  • Your questions
  • Your concerns
  • Your success.

One-on-one personalized coaching is your fastest vehicle to use to grow a well-financed memoir practice.

Our introductory Business Coaching Package is $475.

Call today (207-353-5454) or email for your complimentary, 30-minute session to get-acquainted and to see if we are a good fit for personalized business coaching.


5-hour Trial for the price of 4 hours: $475.