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How a Memoir Writing Coach Can Help You Write Your Story—Better and Faster.

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Books we have coached into existence. We can coach yours, too.

Welcome: A Word from the Memoir Network Director

Denis Ledoux

Denis Ledoux


Thanks for stopping by. You are probably here because you are facing some of the challenges of writing a memoir and are wondering if a memoir writing coach might help.


    • It takes a long time to write a memoir.
    • It takes much patience and skill.
    • It brings back a time that is gone by and that can be sad.

We know—we’ve been there. We’ve used coaches, too.

When you work with us, you receive:

  • organizational help,
  • instruction as you need it,
  • useful feedback for every stage of the process,
  • emotional support as your energy flags,
  • techniques for expressing yourself effectively,
  • guidance in shaping each element of your story so that it reads well and tells the whole story you want to share.

For many writers, their relationship with a memoir-writing coach proves to be the biggest factor in their success. Call us today at 207-353-5454 or email us to schedule a free consultation.
Let this be the year you write and finish your memoir.

Denis Ledoux

All Writers Can Benefit from Working with a Memoir Writing Coach:

  • first-time writers. Many have always wanted to write a book and see a memoir as their entry into print.
  • one-time writers who feel compelled to tell their story and know they will not be writing another book.
  • experienced writers—usually in other genres so, technically, they are first-time writers!

A memoir-writing coach is a skilled professional who helps you to

  • articulate what it is you want to say,
  • strategize how to write your best memoir, and
  • reach your memoir-writing goals in effective time.

A writing coach offers a “just in time” solution of encouragement, guidance, teaching, prompting, counseling and planning.

Here are examples of how you will interact with us.

  • Some writers come to us saying, “I want to write a book but I don’t even know what I want to say.” No need to feel bad about that! We start by having you compile a Memory List. Once you have done that, we will help you to articulate you story and its theme and then animate the story with vivid details. You will be proud of the results.
  • Other writers have already outlined their stories and written parts of their memoir, but the manuscript is lacking something. We ask you to put the outline aside and simply write vignettes and scenes that are interesting to you. Starting with those stories that speak to you, the writer, is a way to get a manuscript to come to life.

Your input, questions, and suggestions have moved me to a deeper level in writing the truth. Your honesty and your compassion have helped me to trust you as a memoir writing coach.— Joe Duncan, Memoir Coaching Client

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Working With a Memoir Writing Coach Just Makes Sense!

A memoir writing coach is someone you can learn from: you wouldn’t train to run a marathon or decide to rewire your house without how-to advice from someone who knows what there is to know. (When you’re new to any art form, you don’t even know what you don’t know.) How much truth should you, can you, tell? How do you start writing and keep going? Your coach will help you with this and much more—”just in time.”

A memoir writing coach is someone you can lean on: the personal attention of an experienced memoir writing coach will support you through the creative project of writing your book. Your coach knows the weight of painful memories can hold you back.  Do you question whether you even have the right to tell your story? Your coach can help you with that. (See You Deserve a Memoir—free in our Member Area.) A memoir writing coach is an expert: lifestories are our specialty.

I want to thank you for pushing me the way you so nicely do during my telephone sessions with you. It feels as if I’ve had a session with my therapist instead of a memoir writing coach. Everything takes on a new slant and makes me want to write so much better. I can see things so easily I didn’t see before. How did you get so smart?— Melanie Caouette, Memoir Coaching Client

Our promise to you!

Our coaches will be the catalyst to get your manuscript ready for publication by next year at this time—in the way it deserves to be presented to the world and in record time.

You can have your book in hand—a book that is interesting and well written—very likely within 12 months.

A Memoir writing Coach

Our memoir-writing coach intro offer.

We offer an introductory package—try us for a three-hour commitment at $285. That’s it: three hours! If we’re a fit, you ask us for more time. If we’re not a fit, we go our separate ways.

If coaching is beyond your budget, look at our memoir writing resources for an overview of a myriad of services and materials we can offer you—some are free.

Questions before you buy?

Give us a ring at 207-353-5454, M-F, 9-5 ET or email us to set up an appointment. Suggest three dates and times that work for you and we will confirm one.

Take the next step & get in touch with us today!

Are you ready to work with a memoir coach?

If you are ready to proceed to write the best memoir you are capable of, we suggest you sign up for our introductory package—try us for a three-hour commitment. That’s it: three hours! If we’re a fit, you ask us for more time. If we’re not a fit, we go our separate ways.

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