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Who should download Writer’s Time: Management That Works?

This is an excellent choice for you if you are:

  • frustrated because you think you do not have enough time to write.
  • prone to procrastination and are not producing text.
  • crippled by perfectionism and suspect that perfectionism is working against producing a quality text.
  • needing to learn new techniques for being more effective and efficient in your use of time.
  • dissatisfied with working on a memoir for what seems like an exceedingly long time and would like to wrap it up in the near future.

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$39—A great value.

On sale for $19.95 January 8-19, 2024

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The Affirmation MP3s alone are worth more than the price of this time-management program. When you add everything else, you have a winner here. Register today.

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This is a time management program that focuses on the special needs of writers, but this program will not teach you writing technique nor how to polish a first draft. For that, sign up for some of our upcoming programs or visit our memoir store.