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How much will my project cost?

Publication costs depend on many factors. Costs of paper and printer’s services at the time we go to press will affect your overall expense. But all other factors are based on choices you will make to control the look and feel of your book.

Naturally, those choices will be affected by your budget, your taste, and by your understanding of your audience: who do you want to read your book and how will the design elements you choose ensure that your book reaches them?

Here are some of the choices you will need to answer before we can estimate costs:


    • Does the manuscript need rewriting?
    • Should your manuscript be edited before printing?
    • How complex is the cover design (full color, limited color)?
    • How many photos and/or illustrations need to be prepared?
    • How much restoration do the photos need?
    • How many last minute changes to the book design will there be?


    • Will your book be a trade paperback or hard cover?
    • Will your book print publication or print-on-demand?
    • What are the number of pages and dimensions (trim size)?
    • How complex is the cover design (full color, limited color)?
    • What surface coating goes on the cover?
    • Will there be a dust jacket?
    • What quality of paper (and its cost at print time) will you choose?
    • How many books will you have printed?

When you work with us, we will advise you on all these points. We will share our experience about how these choices will affect not just your upfront costs, but your final product plus your marketing plan if you intend to sell your book.
Although this may be your first or only book, our expertise from many successful projects will be right there informing your choices!

How and when will I know what my specific costs will be?

We act as a general contractor for your book production project.

1. First, we consult with you and offer suggestions as you go through the process of making the above choices.

2. Then, we provide two estimates:

The Pre-Press Estimate covers the design and preparation work we will do to prepare technically perfect electronic files for the printer based on your specifications.

The Printing and Binding Estimate covers the work done by the printer to turn those files into your finished book.

3. You may accept the estimates, or you may make changes to the specifications in order to alter the costs. We will re-work the estimate to match your choices.

4. When you accept the estimate, we ask for a deposit. While we are working on your project we will invoice you weekly for work to date. Payment may be made by check or credit card.

5. We will establish a timeline and project schedule (often a family event or holiday is your ultimate deadline).

6. The printer’s costs are not finalized until the project is complete. You may pay ahead based on the estimate, or wait for us to forward the printer’s final bill.


Can I change my mind about the text font, the cover art, or the number of photos in my book?

Changes can be made at each and every stage to make sure that the finished book is exactly what you want.

However, once work is begun, changes require extra time in our schedule or in the printer’s work flow, so late changes will inevitably add to your costs.

The best way to keep your costs down and get the book you want is to be thoroughly prepared ahead of time and to make choices early on.

Will my final cost be exactly what the estimates predict?

Like any general contractor, we may encounter issues that will affect your final costs as we proceed with the work on your project. Our estimates are made in good faith and to the best of our ability to give you a clear picture of your real costs.

However, we often make those estimates before we have your manuscript and photos or illustrations in hand. Increases may be caused by changes you request, by unexpected problems we encounter with your manuscript or photos which require more time than estimated, or from printing industry changes such as fluctuating paper prices when we go to press.

We will always update you about changes as your project proceeds. We will consult with you and advise you about the costs and benefits as necessary. The choice to proceed will always be your choice. No choices that significantly increase costs will be made without your knowledge and approval.



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