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Every manuscript needs a proofreader. Just as, when you clean house and do a last look around before guests arrive, your memoir needs a last literary “look around”— by a memoir proofreader.

TMN editorFrancie King


While Francie King is a writer and editor with a passion for writing profiles, memoirs, and personal biographies, we use her considerable talent for accuracy, spelling and grammar as our chief proofreader.

For Francie, editing and proofreading require a clear eye for both big picture and small detail, along with devotion to maintaining a client’s own voice.

Along with writing or editing more than two dozen books, she has published work for museums and universities, news organizations, magazines, and government publications. Among her own favorite recent projects are the life story of a Chinese immigrant family, the account (ultimately tragic) of an American family in World War II, and a rags-to-riches memoir of a chief executive of a major American company.

Francie lives and works in the greater Boston area.

To view a sample of Francie’s proofreading, click here.

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Our work is done at $95. If this is within your budget, give us a ring at 207-353-5454, M-F, 9-5 ET or email us to set up an appointment to answer your questions and discuss your project. Suggest three dates and times that work for you and we will confirm one.

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We offer an introductory hour—try us for a one-hour commitment at $95. That’s it! If we’re a fit, you ask us for more time. If we’re not a fit, we go our separate ways.