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Your Memoir Writing Assessment

Do you wonder how are you doing as a writer—and specifically as a memoir writer? Do you wish there were a memoir writing assessment available to you?


We have a free scorecard available for you—free of charge. You’ll be assessing memoir writing as it pertains to you. You will access great information about yourself and your writing process. Think of this as a Writing Assessment test to find out if you are likely to:

  • succeed with the skills and attitudes you now possess. Great! Go for it!
  • need to develop your skills to some extent if you want to finish your memoir. You may be able to proceed with some minimal help. There’s a lot available. Some of it free.
  • have some more serious learning to commit to in order to pull off a memoir. Not to worry! There are many opportunities along the way for you to develop as a writer. “Inch by inch, it’s a cinch, yard by yard, it’s hard.”

More than a writing test

The Memoir Writing Assessment scorecard will be developmental in two ways:

  • It will help you to evaluate where you are at in the process of writing your memoir. The scorecard will uncover your skill level as well as the energy you have available for writing and it will help you articulate what your writing goal is.
  • The Memoir Writing Assessment will also help us to know something about you and to make recommendations about what might be best for you as a next step. People approach The Memoir Network at different levels of experience, skills, and execution, and we would not want to provide a “one size fits all” solution.

We’re fairly certain you have noticed the difference between trying to do something and being committed to doing it. When you are committed you put in the time and you invest considerable discernment—”when I do this, what happens?” and “when I do that what other thing happens?” Being able to do this speeds your progress.

This scorecard will prove not only to be a great memoir writing assessment but a guide to help you persevere and improve.

Are you ready to do a writing assessment?

Just fill in the form and you’ll be ready to download our memoir assessment tool.