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Basic Memoir Business Tools

Besides personalized business coaching, you need some of the following basic memoir business tools to jumpstart your transition into successful memoir work:

memoir professional
  1. If you don’t have the Memoir Professional Package, adding it to your professional library ought to be your first action. The Memoir Professional Package offers you:
    • Well organized materials for launching Memoir Professionals (writing teachers, coaches, editors, and ghostwriters).
    • the extensive Curriculum Manual,
    • the Editor’s Manual that lays out how to launch yourself as an editor,
    • the Speaker’s Manual,
    • many e-courses, books and e-books and more.
    • This $436.65 value is available for only $379. Save almost $60.00.
  2. If editing is what you are focused on, our Editor Start-Up Package can be your passport. It contains much information and guidance to get you going as an editor and—collaterally—as a coach. This Package is a great option as it contains the Memoir Professional’s Speaker’s Manual. Speaking is a premier attractor force in building your practice. It promotes the know, like and trust factor that leads to coaching and editor work. A $257.95 value available for $199. Save almost $60.
  3. The The Editor’s Manual: Editing Prose as a Professional is part of the Editor Start-Up Package but you can purchase it separately. For many writers this manual is an excellent entry point. Available for $70.

One-on-one business coaching is your fastest access to growing a well financed memoir practice.

Our introductory Business Coaching Package is $475.

5-hour Trial: $475

Other Price Points

Coaching is an effective and time-efficient way to proceed with developing your memoir business. However, if you find that you would like to explore options at different price points, you might try:

  • purchasing products from our online store.
  • for a complete list of our offerings, click here.