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Develop Vivid Characters


A Tutorial Writing Program


Writing a memoir—and this is true of creating any work of art—is fueled both by inspiration and by craft.

In this tutorial program, you will learn specific skills to craft compelling characters for your memoir. No more stabs in the dark, hoping you got it right. In developing your craft, you are learning to channel your inspiration in a direction that will bring meaning to the reader.

It seemed hard to do, write characters that ‘come alive.’ My best was not good enough. I was missing the mark, and Develop Vivid Characters helped me finally understand what I needed to do and how to do it. Thank you, thank you.

— Lillian Toussaint

The material in this program is provided in both written and audio forms to facilitate your learning—and subsequent review.


Compelling technique is essential to formulating compelling characters

Now your people may not be compelling themselves but they must be portrayed as compelling characters!

This is not to suggest making things up about your people. No, always tell the truth.

There are many techniques I teach in this program to develop vivid characters that people will want to keep reading about.

Develop Vivid Characters is a tutorial which contains:

  • An information-packed program text broken down into bite-size instruction.
  • Lessons in both PDF and MP3 formats.
  • Action Steps to give you practice implementing what you have just learned.
  • Affirmations in PDF and MP3 formats to help you deal with any blocks you may have about working with the characters of your life.