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Archive | Business Side of Profitable Memoir Work

You, too, can learn the Business Side of Profitable Memoir Work as a Memoir Professional.


We call memoir professionals those individuals who help people to write their memoirs whether as a teacher of memoir writing or as a memoir coach, editor or ghostwriter. Many are engaged in profitable memoir work already.

Your client base

You’ve notice that interest in memoir writing is running higher than ever. You’ve asked yourself why shouldn’t you capitalize on this fact to make best use of your talents and interest!

Wherever you live, there are people in your area:

– who want to leave a written record of their lives but

– who have little idea about how to recall the details of their story,

– who are at a loss to develop a memoir character or plot, and

– who must learn how to pace and shape a book of memoirs so that it is interesting and meaningful to its readers.

People in your community need to work with you to develop their memoir-writing skills—whether you choose to teach, coach, edit, ghostwrite or to offer your clients all four. You can learn both to help people to write their memoirs and to set yourself up to be profitable.

The help you need

The following articles—as well as those elsewhere on the Memoir Professional Blog archives—will help you to create profitable memoir work. The business side of this work is what most often trips people and ends up limiting the great work they could do.

You can learn to master simple techniques that will help you to earn profits that will enable you to continue as a Memoir Professional doing profitable memoir work.

In conclusion

You can learn effective, profitable best practices! You can master the Business Side of Profitable Memoir Work.


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