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Business Development MP3s


Four MP3s Focused On Upping Your Game:


~ Create a Business Model: how will you make money? Workshopping, editing, coaching, ghostwriting? All the previous?
~ Marketing Channels: how will you attract prospects?
~ Sales Process: how will you turn prospects into clients?
~ Revamp Your Memoir Business:
how to assess when change is necessary and how to go about doing it.



Although the specialized feeling-oriented content of memoir work does mean that those of us attracted to memoir work are not the same types of people who are attracted to selling things—for example, roofing or plumbing elbows, the abstract business model that produces success in roofing or plumbing elbows remains much the same for a business focused on writing.

This is a bit hard to accept at first, but it has turns out to be true.

These four MP3s will help you to rethink how you can go about doing memoir work and being not only the best Memoir Professional you can be but also a memoir Professional who is earning an attractive income

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