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You start with a burst of writing motivation. You are super energized! You have the best motivation for writing—ever!

“By gosh, this memoir is going to get written and it’s going to be good!” you tell yourself. And the writing flows for the first while. Your energy remains high. You write regularly and you think about how to make your memoir better and better. At last, you feel like you are a “real writer!”

Then, you stall.

A day—or two or three—goes by without any writing. Then that “not writing” repeats itself the next week.

“But that’s ok,” you tell yourself. “I’m just taking a few days off.” But…

The few days off eventually become many days off, and the memoir begins to seem a bit less interesting.

You realize you aren’t making much progress. You may even be losing the feel of what you were creating. Your commitment for writing your memoir is on the wane. You may ask yourself…

“Is this really worth my time to write?”

You have entered a dangerous path! It leads to quitting. Your motivation for writing your memoir is wavering. It is at risk of disappearing.

Don’t go down that way—at least for long!

If you want to renew your motivation for writing

Below are articles whose goal is to help you to sustain your motivation for writing your memoir for the long run of creating a memoir.

No one said it was going to be easy—just that you can do it. The fact is…

Many people just like you have written interesting and meaningful memoirs and so can you.

In conclusion

Keep your motivation for writing strong!

[watch this video for motivation to write your memoir]

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Writing with passion! How to Bring Passion into Your Story

Why is writing with passion so hard? Why does what you want to write become so difficult to do the moment you sit down to write a memoir? Where are the words you need to convey the excitement or the dread or the anticipation of your life experience? After writing a while, you are shocked […]

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Writing Memoir Is Not Easy

When writing memoir the project typically starts with a burst of energy. “This is going to be a good piece of writing! Help to keep you writing your memoir.

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Who Cares About My Memoir?

Have you ever asked, “Who cares about my memoir?” A perennial, and perhaps inherent, challenge every memoir writer faces is that of audience. Specifically, every writer is saddled with the incapacitating doubt that there is an audience for his/her memoir.

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What Motivates Me to Write?

The simplest answer is that I’ve always loved to write, and lacking the creativity to write fiction, or the tenacity to research subjects for non-fiction, I write about what I know…