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Monday Focus: “Trying to Write” Your Memoir

Today is Monday, and it’s a great day to write a bit on your memoir!

People tell me all the time that they are going “trying to write” their memoir. By and large, people who “try to write” get sidelined by so many good reasons.

Really. You know how it is: work, family, fatigue.” In the end, they tried but didn’t have time.

I urge you to set a writing time for yourself today rather than to “try to write” when you have time.

Don’t wait: get started today to write—or continue to write—your memoir.

“Trying” to write doesn’t get a memoir written. There’s an abyss between writing and trying to write. In this Monday Focus, I urge you to stop fooling yourself with “try to write”—”when I can”—and to start to write—regularly and prolifically. Committing to action and then taking action—not talking about action and thinking about it—is the only way to get your memoir written.

Your memoir doesn’t get written by itself by “trying.” Really! The only way to get your memoir written is to commit to writing it and writing it regularly.

Some of my coaching clients, although stating they want to write a memoir, find the commitment to writing to be difficult. Because they are now paying good money to work with me, they grudgingly set a writing schedule for themselves and make themselves write. Invariably after a while, they report writing has become so much easier and that they don’t feel right when they don’t write regularly.

But, the only way you’ll get to the point of enjoying writing is to write and the only way you will finish your memoir is to write it.

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