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Use Time Wisely to Write Your Memoir

Below, I share two ideas about how to use time wisely to write your memoir. Time has many permutations and I would like to take you on a coaching journey. We’ll make a couple of stops to help you hone your ability to use time wisely. I hope you enjoy reading these ideas and let them inform your writing.

1. My first stop is with clock time and how we relate to that. Writing requires a commitment of time.

Have you wondered what distinguishes one writer who perseveres and completes a memoir from one who does not? I have worked with many writers and, of course, know that there are many different reasons for a memoir not being completed, but there is one that comes back again and again.

Writing requires a commitment of time. Successful writers find the time to write while unsuccessful ones often do not.

Most memoir writers are older people who generally do not have young children to care for. Kids are a gift in one’s life but they do drain one’s time. (Been there; done that!) So young kids are usually not the challenge to older writers.

A more probable challenge is the demand on one’s time from a spouse who is ill, but this plagues only a small number of writers. Then, too, it is possible to find help to have one’s time released to write.

We all find the time to do those things we really love to do. We just mask not caring enough about writing as “have to do” as in “I wanted to write but I had to do…” The activity following “had to do…” is probably something we love to do more than writing—or at least find less difficult.

Successful writers make sure that time is blocked off to write and do no play the “I don’t have time to…” game.

2. My next stop in this exploration of how to use time wisely to write your memoir is how to invest it to acquiring the skill set necessary to completing a memoir. 

Unsuccessful writers often lack the skills to write a memoir. Writing a memoir is a challenging undertaking. While writing skills can be acquired over time, they are not acquired by osmosis. Acquiring skills calls for study, for feedback on your writing, for time to let the manuscript rest before being picked up again.

You will most likely have to invest time and money into developing your skills set. There is much training out there available to you—from local university extension courses to The Memoir Network editing and coaching.

A smaller investment can be had in books, e-books, e-course and bundled packages. For starters, if you have not purchased a solid book on memoir writing, let me ask you “Why ever not?” Why would you not invest in developing your skills?

May I recommend Turning Memories Into Memoirs / A Handbook for Writing Lifestories! ( I happen to know the author well!)

In conclusion

As the Romans were wont to say it: Tempus fugit et non revenit. Time flies and does not return.

Use time wisely to write your memoir. Writing is important and you have less time than you think you do. Write something today.

Remember: whatever you do today write a bit on your memoir.


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