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Family myths figures prominently in a memoir.

Going Beyond Family Myths to What Really Happened

Family myths aren’t always true.

Your family myths may be stories your people choose to tell about themselves regardless of what really happened.

What are myths?

Myths are stories we tell about how the world seems to us to be organized. Most of us are familiar with the religious myths Greeks and Romans told as they sought to explain their world. These have survived as labels for archetypes and psychological energies—and for naming running shoes and submarines.

The myths we tell are so powerful that we see them as true while we often call the myths others tell made-up stories. Chances are, if you are an adherent to a religious faith, whether Christian Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc., you see the teachings of your faith community as truths, while the teachings of another community—Christianity if you are a Muslim, Islam if you are a Christian—as stories, even as fanciful stories that stretch the imagination! “Why does that make sense to them?” we ask as we consider a “truth” of another faith, unaware of how our own beliefs can challenge credulity.

In fact, the popular press uses the word “myth” to signify lies, as in, “Five myths about losing weight.”

Family myth and the memoir writer

What does myth and its role in our lives mean for you as a memoir writer? [Free Membership required to read more. See below. ]

Do You Have a Story To Share But You Aren't a Writer?

We have helped many people whose lives demanded to be recorded but who themselves There is a difference between proofreading and editing.were not writers to create interesting and well-written memoirs.

We listen to you speak your story. We ask you a multitude of questions. Then we get to work writing. We come back to you with text and you make lots of corrective comments and we ask you a whole lot of new questions. Then, we go back to writing again.

Over time, your story develops into a memoir—one that you have shaped at every stage of the writing process.

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