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Use This Instead of a Writing Prompt

A writing prompt in my estimation leads to nothing. I’m not a great fan of a writing prompt. Sure, it gets you to writing something. And many people will insist writing something is better than writing nothing. Well, I’m not so sure of that.

Writing should matter. It’s hard work and life is short. What’s better than nothing about writing some text on the “the most fun things I did this summer” as we sometimes had to in school? No wonder we did not learn to write while in that context!

With this blog post, I am doing something different.

I am sending you to a new YouTube video I created for you. Click the link or image below to watch the video and remember to subscribe, like and share the video! If you believe in the value of writing a memoir, then subscribe the the channel (it’s super easy!), like this particular video and share the video on your favorite social media. This social share helps The Memoir Network to appear higher in the rankings. This can help others like you who are seeking information on how to write their memoir.

While you are on YouTube, why not leave a comment?

Use This Instead of A Writing Prompt

use this instead of writing prompts

When you get to YouTube, be sure to like this video post so that it becomes more available to other writers.

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