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Use This Instead of a Writing Prompt

Use this instead of a writing prompt

A writing prompt in my estimation lead to nothing. I’m not a great fan of a writing prompt. Sure, it gets you to writing something. And many people will insist writing something is better than writing nothing. Well, I’m not so sure of that.

Writing should matter. It’s hard work and life is short. What’s better than nothing about writing some text on the “the most fun things I did this summer” as we sometimes had to in school? No wonder we did not learn to write while in that context!

Develop Vivid Characters

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Develop Vivid Characters is a text and audio e-program to set you in the right direction to write better portrayed and more delineated characters. Your readers will love the results.
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With this blog post, I am doing something different.

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Use This Instead of A Writing Prompt

use this instead of writing prompts

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