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We call memoir professionals those individuals who are helping people to write their memoirs whether as a teacher of memoir writing or as a memoir coach, editor or ghostwriter.

We’ve noticed—as you must have—that interest in memoir writing is running higher than ever. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself why shouldn’t you, too, capitalize on this fact to make best use of your talents and interest by helping people to write their memoirs!

Well, you can capitalize on this trend. There’s no reason you shouldn’t. By understanding and implementing the suggestions of the posts below, you will set yourself up to be a successful Memoir Professional. That’s what we call people who do memoir work.

In the posts below, you will find much information about how to launch and sustain yourself. The intent of these posts is to help you to learn to be a contented and profitable memoir professional.

These articles—plus our our university-quality training—will guide you in the process. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. We lay out here for you much of what we learned over a number of years.

Being a memoir professional requires adherence to some best practices of of business. Some things work and some things don’t! Yo have to learn the difference.

In the end, unless you are supported by a pension or a trust fund, you will have to make your memoir work support you. It can be done. Many others—just like you —have done so.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

launching memoir teaching

Launching Your Memoir Teaching – 6 Steps To More Success

Many memoir writers secretly, or not so secretly, want to help other people to write their memoirs. Sometimes they do this informally with a friend or two, and at other times, they get a bit more organized and offer a class at a library or other institution. One thing is certain, launching your memoir teaching will take some attention.

I have taught workshops for decades and can attest to the deep satisfaction I have derived from working with writers. I have formed friendships that have lasted these many years.

If you would like to offer a memoir class here are a few tips to do so more successfully. They are garnered from sound business practices, but don’t worry as they are easy for anyone to implement.

(I have written about the curriculum elsewhere.)

1. Reconnect with people who told you they want to be in a workshop within a few days of having first spoken to them.

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Teaching Memoir Writing

Teaching Memoir Writing – 3 Tips For Making Your Vision Real

Writing a vision statement about teaching memoir writing can be stimulating for you as a Memoir Professional. Your memoir writing company’s vision statement is a personal reminder you make to yourself about how the work you are planning will sustain you emotionally and make you into a better person. A vision statement is usually about the person writing it. (The mission statement, on the other hand, is about what you will give to the public.)

Here are some ideas for writing a great vision statement. (No venture should be without one!)

1. In your vision statement, your eros needs to be written large.

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Start Your Memoir Right

Is Your Memoir Worth the Time to Write?

“Worth the time to write?” I repeated—raising my voice into a question—when a man said Denis Ledouxto me at a conference where I was speaking that most people didn’t have a memoir that was worth their time to write. “Not only is every life worth writing about,” I countered, “but the writing of a memoir […]

Teaching Memoir Writing

Become Adept In Your Genre

To create a successful workshop business of helping people to write their memoir, you must become adept with the memoir genre itself. You must learn to write better memoir yourself. Being a good fiction writer or a poet or an essayist is not enough. You must have read many memoirs and have written in the […]

Memoir Writing

The Price of Happiness

In 1953, we left our one-bedroom basement apartment on 7th Street in New Toronto to live in the small town of Tottenham, Ontario. We moved into a three-bedroom flat above a hardware store. There was no central heat or hot water, but I thought it was a palace…

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