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6 Benefits of A Long Distance Writing Program

Looks like a long distance writing program—because it is one.

The Write Your First Memoir Draft program has been designed to bring you all the best of an academic external degree program. Many of us have looked into these long distance writing programs or at least have seen them advertised in writers’ magazines like Poets & Writers and the Writer’s Digest and wished we could afford the time and/or the money to attend.

An external, long distance writing program provides a way for an aspiring writer who is not a young person to incorporate significant serious extra learning into a life that is already full. Such is the goal of the Write Your First Memoir Draft program.

How Write Your First Memoir Draft  compares

1. Short residency

Most external long distance learning programs require a short residency on campus. For one day to one week to 10 days to weeks, writers gather on a campus and share and develop their manuscripts in community.

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Do You Want to Give Your Memoir a Quick Boost?

You Need Editing

ID-10041080The big New York publishing houses NEVER publish a manuscript without extensive editing! Why would you?

I offer a free consult to discuss your memoir’s needs and The Memoir Network’s ability to meet them.

You’ll be surprised at how much a professional editor can quickly and effectively help you tweak your story so that you get to say more clearly and dynamically what you have been trying to say. We tend to be good at what we do. Said one client: “I accomplished more with you in six months than I had in ten years writing alone.”

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