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10 Tips to Write Better Dialog—Make it More Effective and Interesting

If dialog is an essential part of every memoir—and of course it is, then why not make it effective—make it say what needs to be said—and interesting—so that it also keeps the reader reading. Write better dialog.

Dialog performs several functions that make your story appealing and meaningful.

Every memoir ought to have some dialog so why not write better dialog.

I am going to start off with offering you some reasons for including dialog in your memoir—to shore up my insisting every memoir ought to include dialog.

Reason #1. Dialog allows the reader to hear the character speak for himself or herself.

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For instance, if your character was a person who was frequently on the defense about his behavior, you could quote him saying:”

  • “I know it didn’t look good,” my uncle Victor replied in his timid voice, “but it wasn’t me who did it.”

Reason #2. Dialog is an opportunity to use regionalisms and particularities of speech that distinguish your characters and portray them to your readers.

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