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Self-publish your memoir or go the commercial route?

Self-publish your memoir or go the commercial route?

Independent publishing is growing exponentially, but is it a viable option financially to self-publish your memoir?

Certainly, if you are publishing for family and friends and want only a few hundred copies, but…

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Is independent publishing viable if you hope to use your memoir to launch a writing career, earn income, support an existing career?

Am I justified in believing you can self-publish your memoir profitably?

I’m a great proponent of independent publishing, but am I justified in believing that it is a satisfying and rewarding path?

Here’s a link to a Digital Book World telecast of a panel discussing book publishing today. The panel is composed of traditional and independent publishers. Where can you earn more? Which option will lead to a wider audience. The answers may surprise you.

Queens College sociologist Dana Weinberg studies publication and offers data to support different positions. Hers is an interesting collection and interpretation of data.

To make a better publication decision, access the free hour-long video.

What do you think: can you self publish your memoir profitably?

What are you going to choose—self-publication or traditional or publication—and why? Please leave feedback in the comments section below.

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