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Information concerning owning or launching a memoir-writing business. Find business ideas from an expert in the field with 25 years of experience.

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5 Rules for More Profitable Memoir Writing Business

Run a Profitable Memoir-Writing Business Recently, while thinking about how to grow a business, I was jotting down some ideas about running a memoir-writing business–the what-do-I-know-now-that-I-wish-I-had-known-then sort of stuff. Here are the first five I came up with to help jumpstart my (and your) endeavor: Only our members can access the rest of this content. […]

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Starting a Memoir Business – Set Goals

Working hard is not a sufficient strategy for starting a business. Like most entrepreneurs, memoir professionals who are starting a business are sometimes prone to working harder and not necessarily smarter. One smart strategy to use to grow is to set goals for specific time periods: the year, the month, the week, the day, A […]

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Market to Pre-Qualified Leads

How To Identify Pre-Qualified Leads If you want to succeed as a Memoir Professional, it is important to market to a pre-qualified leads (people within your potential buying pool, people who have identified themselves as wanting your product). While some individuals in a church, a club, a benevolent association, or a school may have expressed […]

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Teaching a memoir workshop leader

Become Adept In Your Genre

To create a successful workshop business of helping people to write their memoir, you must become adept with the memoir genre itself. You must learn to write better memoir yourself. Being a good fiction writer or a poet or an essayist is not enough. You must have read many memoirs and have written in the […]

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Is Business Planning an Indulgence?

Business Planning Takes Time and Effort What do you want your lifewriting business to accomplish in the next 12 months? Take some time right now and start with business planning. You don’t have time, you say. Planning is an indulgence? Think of this parable: A person is sawing a tree and is obviously harried. A […]

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