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It’s encouraging to know how many people are writing memoirs. It’s not just that memoirs are among the best sellers and the most popular books, but that ordinary people are leaving a record of their lives as this anthology of friends category demonstrates.

A great variety

There’s such a plethora of lifestories that you are sure to find something in this category that will speak to you, stimulate your appreciation of life in a new and supportive way.

In this anthology of friends section, we are presenting excerpts from people who have been our guest bloggers. Their stories were not developed in conjunction with our programs. (Excerpts from our clients are available by clicking the link below.)

Writers need to be readers

We believe that writing and reading need to go together. To grow as a writer, you need to experience many samples of different writing and let yourself be taught by them. I know that reading has helped me to expand my possibilities and grow as a writer.

These excerpts below provide examples of what you can do yourself—after you commit to write on a regular basis.

What you’ll find elsewhere in the anthology

Once you have read the excerpts from our anthology of friends, turn to any other part of the Anthology by clicking below:

In conclusion

Enjoy what the thoughtful and skilled writers bring you in our anthology of friends.

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