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Increasingly, ebooks are garnering a larger and larger share of the book market. If you do not have a digital version of your book, you may be leaving money on the table and losing a segment of your audience. You ought to seriously consider ebook publication.

Hard copy is not the only promise in town anymore.

For most writers as for me, the published hard-copy version of a book has been the promise fulfilled. We writers have wanted to hold our book in hand and flip through its pages and feel the bulk of our tome and think, “I’ve done it.”

When I held my first books, What Became of Them and Turning Memories Into Memoirs, in hand, I can tell you that it was a thrill.

Traditional or independent publishing did not make a difference for me. “Book in hand” did. There was no ebook publication then. But, once you have your hard copy book …

Ebook publication is now viable and easy.

Ebooks are on the ascendancy. Every year, their share of the book-reading audience grows. Granted you can’t experience the ebook as a satisfying weight in your hand (unless it’s the e-reader you are feeling) nor can you feel the page turning, but…

Ebook publication has become nonetheless a good choice at many levels:

  • its low cost makes it affordable.
  • it is easily transported.
  • it can complement a hard copy text.
  • it can serve as a trial text to gauge public reaction.

In conclusion

In the following articles, I take you through some of the ebook publication process that will bring you an attractive digital book. Click here to go immediately to our ebook publication home page.

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5 Reasons to Undertake Ebook Publishing

Are you making a mistake not planning to include ebook publishing in your publication schedule? People interested in independent publication ask me if they should publish their manuscript as an ebook, a hard copy book or both. The honest answer on my part is I don’t know. The decision is individual and unique to you. […]

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Why You Need an Ebook

While in the past I had published only hard-copy versions of my books, I have increasingly included a digital version. It just makes sense, and I would advise writers that they need an ebook.

Ebooks are on the ascendancy are more and more a viable publication option. Every year, their share of the book-reading audience grows. Granted you can’t experience the ebook as a satisfying weight in your hand (unless it’s the weight of the e-reader) nor can you feel the page turning, but the ebook has become a good choice at many levels.

A Good Buy for the Reader

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