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Intro Memoir Business Development Package


The Intro Business Development Package will guide your memoir work long after you have finished listening to and reading its material. The Intro Business Development Package will help you to create and maintain a more profitable memoir practice. Materials from The Memoir Network…

…helped me to teach and organize a business that gave people the courage and the tools to write their memoir. That was over twenty-five years ago, and I’ve been expanding on that foundation ever since.

—Linda Joy Myers, Memoir Professional
Don’t Call Me Mother
Founder, the National Association of Memoir Writers


Intro Memoir Business Development Package


    • The Professional Development Course. This ten lesson program takes you through the fundamentals of establishing a memoir business.
    • 4 clear, information-packed MP3s
      • Create a Business Model: how will you make money? Workshopping, editing, coaching, ghostwriting? All the previous?
      • Marketing Channels: how will you attract prospects to fill your pipeline?
      • Sales Process: how will you turn prospects into paying clients?
      • Revamp Your Memoir Business: how to assess when change is necessary and how to go about doing it.
    • Build Your Memoir Business.  This ebook is full of super useful and super-easy to access business building ideas.


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