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Build Your Memoir Business


This eBook Will Help you Work With Less Effort and More Income

Creating and managing your own business can be one of the most exciting and lucrative projects you can undertake, but it will be so only if you learn to pay attention to how your business survives and thrives.

In this book, I will offer you a number of suggestions—not necessarily an exhaustive strategy given its brevity, but a useful overview nonetheless to help you pay attention to how to jumpstart and sustain your memoir business development. And…

I hope to help you enjoy the process so that you too will say one day as you look back on your experience, “Running a business has been fun!”


This is a basic text for those Memoir Professionals who are looking to generate some income—either as a supplement to their retirement funds or as a source of significant income. Herein presented is some groundwork for thinking of memoir work as a business.

If you follow the suggestions in this book—and they are by no means exhaustive, your company will be easier to run and more profitable.

I hope that you will find memoir work to be an interesting and rewarding way to interact with people and with yourself.

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