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November Is Memoir Writing Month.

November is Lifewriting Month

November is an opportunity for you to dedicate — or rededicate — yourself to writing personal and family stories. We call these memoirs.

Our November is Memoir Writing Month blog posts are put up daily. CLICK HERE to read them. Each day of the month will offer a link to an article or a resource for you to check out. Past articles will be available. Future articles will come to you one day at a time. Even if you have done November Is Memoir Writing Month before, doing it again will prove to be a useful focus.

In November

  1. NIMWM posts will be available here, on the home page of this site or on the blog archives page.
  2. We’ll also send you our biweekly memoir-writing guides. To receive these guides as well as access to the free My Memoir Education membership, CLICK HERE.

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