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Turning Memories Into Memoirs


This memoir writing guide by Denis Ledoux will lead you through a step-by-step process that will enable you to record your personal and family stories.
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Product Description

There is power in storytelling, and that power is accessible to you. Our memoir writing guide, Turning Memories Into Memoirs, will initiate you into the process of writing your personal and family lifestories and will help you make decisions on what to write as well as on how and why to write your stories. Soon, you will find yourself working the magic of memoir writing for yourself and for your family.

Your stories—about the time you woke in the night to see flames engulfing the barn, about the cross-country trip your mother’s family took during the Depression years to look for work, about how your grandparents met in Lithuania—these are the stories that have shaped you and your family.

We might even say that we are the stories we tell, and we are the stories that members of our family tell about themselves and about us.

You intend to record your personal and family stories, of course—someday.

This memoir writing guide will lead you through a step-by-step process that will enable you to produce your personal and family stories—one at a time, one after another. In the Turning Memories Into Memoirs® workshops, thousands of people—”just like you”—have written tens of thousands of pages of memoirs for themselves and for their families.

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